Aeotec Nano Dimmer and Momentary Switch

Your issue may also be connected to the small load and no neutral. From memory I believe with a bypass and neutral the minimum load on the aeotec is 11? Or 20 what ever the aeotec one is the Fibaro is the other. Without a neutral the minimum is much higher due to the fact that it is getting the neutral from the load so you may need to install the kit in the main light instead to pick up the neural. Definitely do the firmware update though there were load of fixes from that for mine.

Aeotec says that the minimum load with no neutral wire is 20W. Below that you have to use the bypass. (which @mfuerschke has already installed)

Parameter 83 is only in the new firmware.
0x53 (83) Set the LED indication state.
0 = Energy mode. The LED will follow the status (on/off).
1 = Momentary indicate mode. When the state of Switch’s load
changed, The LED will follow the status (on/off) of its load, but
the LED will turn off after 5 seconds if there is no any switch
2 = Night light mode. The LED will remain the state that is set
via the Multilevel Switch Set CC.

Can anyone confirm that this device is capable of using a momentary switch to control the dimming level?

yes but with 10 W your not going to get much from it.

you need to set its up and low values

The Dimming is working fine with 2 State switch mode, I am happy with the dimming levels from within Hubitat. I am currently doing firmware updates for my Nano's. So I will keep you updated on my progress

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Hey guys, I got the firmware updates done. The nano now does not go dead on me like I mentioned above. So that a bonus when experimenting. I have been able to successfully change to momentary switch. When in momentary switch mode, it does not behave as expected when operated from the physical switch. I was expecting single press for on and another single press for off. I was also expecting a press and hold for dimming operations.

what I'm getting is a bit different. So if I start with the lights off, a single press will turn on then I need to double press to switch off. to use dimming while on, I need to do a single click first then a press and hold. But all operations seem inconsistent. I'm to tired to work out the patterns. And will look into it further over the weekend. I've changed device back to 2 state switch for now as thats consistent. single press on and single press off but with no dimming from the switch. But google home and dashboards can cover that while I figure things out


What options are there for a switch? I found that the nano shutter settings were back to front!

Did you ever sorry it your nano dimmers? I'm having similar inconsistent results