Aeotec Nano 2 switch (ZW140-A) or Zipato 2 switch (PH-PAN04.US)

I need to install a (2) switch module (rather than (2) single switch modules) to control fan and heater in my bathroom. Ideally I would like to use the Zipato as it is rated for 15A but if that doesn't work with Hubitat but the Aeontec is I will just add another relay.

Does anyone have experience with either of these switches? Will they work? Couldn't find them on the compatible list nor the not compatible listing.

Thanks! Bertram Doerfler.

You may want to look into the custom device handler for the Aeotec Dual Nano switch in the link below. This is for the ZW132 but from what I can see the difference is that ZW132 has energy metering and the ZW140 does not so the device handler might work. I have not tried it myself but it may be a starting point for what you're looking for.

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