Aeotec Dual Nano Switch

Hi all,
Needing some advice/pointers on how to get the Aeotec Dual Nano Switch to properly work with my hub. I have it all set up and paired, however my only option is as a single switch. Doing this means that I can't individually turn on the lights in my living room, all lights turn on instead. How do you separate the switches?

I had to add Custom Command for "on()" and "off()". Then I was able to use those in Automation. I also created a Virtual Switch that then used the Custom Commands to give me a button to push on the Dashboard, etc.

Plan B might be to experiment with simliar drivers: I'm pretty sure I'm using this one on my Qubino dual relay and my Enerwave Dual Relay.

I know the driver name is the same !! :smiley:

CHeers mate, I ended up using your Plan B option and it worked a treat. :slight_smile:

I just tried the Enerwave Dual Load driver mentioned above and this one with my Dual Nano. Both worked pretty well, but I'm going to stick with the Fibaro driver for a couple reasons:

  • it allows me to control both switches individually and together
  • it is faster for me
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I know this thread is a few months old, but can you shed light on which Fibaro driver you used? I've been considering replacing my old Monoprice relays with Aeon nano duals and want to make sure they'll work as expected.

I've posted my current Fibaro FGS-222 driver as a gist: hubitat driver - Fibaro FGS-222.groovy · GitHub

It has been quite a while since I really messed with this stuff, but it seems I tweaked that driver to be a bit more specific to the Aeotec Dual Nano Switches. Here's my modified driver: Hubitat Driver - Aeotec Dual Nano Switch with Power Metering - ZW132-A.groovy · GitHub


Thanks! Just to verify - do I need to use any other apps, or does the device handler have everything I need to expose both switches to Rules Machine? Also, did you do a firmware upgrade on the Nano switch? I'm debating whether I should go ahead and buy the Z Stick so I can do firmware upgrades on my Aeon switches.

I did not do a firmware update--my switches are still running as they arrived from Amazon. The driver I posted to Github should be all you need to start using the dual nano switches. I installed one in our powder room to automatically turn off the light and/or fan after 20 minutes because the kids like to leave them on all day long.

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Do you know if the custom driver works over an encrypted connection (Z-wave plus) between the Aeotec Nano Dual and hubitat?

Sorry to bring up this old topic, this is my first post.
I just installed an Aeotec Nano Dual switch in my house, and I have successfully added it as a device using codekoala's custom driver above. Now, I would like to create separate buttons in my dashboard to control the 2 switches of the device. How can I do this? It seems to be doable and it involves virtual switches, custom commands, and/or trigger rules. Can someone give me a pointer? Thanks!

I forgot to mention, I have no problem turning on/off the 2 lights connected to the dual nano independently through the buttons on the device page. I just need to now be able to control them separately through the dashboard as well as through Alexa/Google Home.

Try the qubino 2 relay module driver that is built in, that's what I use and it works. It creates 2 child devices that you then add to the dashboard which will control the individual outputs.

Thank you! Works like a charm.

First, I'm a newbie with Hubitat, so pardon what may be a basic question. I just installed a Aeotec Dual Nano Switch to control two switches. One for the outside lights and the other for the inside lights. I've installed the driver from codekoala from his post above and it works great for turning the lights off individually in the Devices section. Although, now I would like to create a rule for each of the switches, e.g. Turn on switch 2 at sunset and off at sunrise. Do I need an App to do that? Or is there another way?

I had the exact same challenge when I was brand new to Hubitat and tried the Aeotec Dual Nano Switch. What I did was to use Rule Machine to create a custom command each for on(1), off(1), on(2) and off(2). You can then use these custom commands in motion lighting or rule machine to turn on and off the individual switches.
Do you want to be able to use your normal light switches as well to turn the lights on and off?

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Thanks Mattias ... I finally got it working, in a similar manner as you suggested.

First, I ended up using the built-in Qubino 2 Relay Module, since I couldn't get the Aeotec Dual Nano Switch to work. The Qubino driver created 2 separate switches to control. I then used the Hubitat Simple Lighting built-in App and selected switch 1 to turn it off at Sunset and switch 2 to turn on at Sunset and On at Sunrise. Also, the physical light switches work normally as well.

It sure was a journey, though, since I'm pretty new to this. I sure understand a lot more than I did, which will make it easier to add my next device.

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works for me

I installed one recently and used the same driver as you did. While it works ok, it doesn’t provide the functionality that I wanted, which is two separate switch devices. The Qubino 2 Relay device driver does that and works well. You don’t get the energy monitoring (last I checked) but I didn’t really need that.

I have just noticed that if I change the physical switch to turn a light on or off, the Aeotec unit sends a Hail command, but the Qubino driver ignores it. You have to click Refresh for HE to be in sync with the light.

Solved. Use the Basic Wave tool to set Parameter 80 to 2 (Basic Report CC), mine defaulted to 3 (Hail CC). Now when I use the physical switch of either of the lights, the status updates in a couple of seconds.