Aeotec Multisensor 6 - Am I heading in the right direction?

I have one of these in my master bathroom (with 5 other Z-Wave Plus devices) and it's working well on batteries. The problem is that the default humidity report is at a 10% change (according to the Aeotec docs). That's way too slow to turn on the fan in a timely manner. (Usually after I've already left the bathroom.) Will changing Parameter 42 (0x2A) to between 2 - 5 cause the device to report more quickly? Normally the humidity is stable. (The log is showing reports every 2-5 hours.) Only running the shower brings it up.

Or is the problem that the device only reports hourly and needs USB power to report in a more timely manner?

(I've found and installed the "Basic Z-Wave tool" driver and practiced with it on a dimmer so I'm confident I can change the Parameter.)

On a smaller change, yes.

If you use Hubitat Package manager you might want to try out CSteele's driver for this:


You can adjust these settings right from the driver. Also if I remember (and it's been a while) I needed to get mine on USB power to report as often as I needed it for a humidity sensor to turn on my shower fan.

There was also a recent firmware update:

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Taking the above advice, I connected the MS6 to USB power and installed CSteele's driver. That allowed me to easily change the humidity reporting threshold. I didn't change any other parameter.

The driver reports firmware 1.14 (newer purchase), so no changes needed there.

Interestingly, when I switched back to battery power, the LED remained enabled and the report interval remained at 5 minutes which the log confirms. According to the Aeotec doc for parameter 0x6F "If battery power, the minimum interval time is 60 minutes by default, for example, if the value is set to be more than 5 and less than 3600, the interval time is 60 minutes," Apparently it can report faster than this when on batteries.

I'll have to keep a close on the batteries (lithium) to see how fast they drain.

Note to CSteele: The "IMPORT URL" on line 2 of the v2.0.1 driver loads the v1.7.1 driver so I pasted the correct one in.

I moved the v1.7 code into its own directory, which breaks it for all Platforms earlier than 2.2.3.

It's an oddity of Github I suppose that it allows two files with the same name and then in "raw" doesn't distinguish. I suspect it's a much requested feature... just don't understand it :smiley:

The v1.7 code, in its new directory, has the import URL updated for any that want to reload it.

What setting do you guys have your humidity parameter to and how often does it report change? I edited mine to 1% but it still seems to just report once an hour.

What driver are you using? CSteeles? Is your unit battery powered?

I have my "Sensor Report Interval" set to 5 Mins and 10% change.. and my MS6 is USB powered.

Ah, forgot that important detail. Yes, @csteele's driver and is currently battery powered.

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