Aeotec Home Energy Meter on Dashboard

Is it possible to get amperage, voltage, wattage, clamp1 values, or clamp2 values on Hubitat Dashboard Tile. When I add the tile, the only choices are Device and Energy Meter or Power Meter which show the same value. The device page reports power, amps, voltage, etc. including individual clamp values. Is there a way to choose from these to be displayed on Dashboard tiles?

You could try using an Attribute tile, which allows the selection of any attribute from a device.


Nice! Attribute gave me the choices. Is it possible to change the name in the tile and add more than one value?

You should take a look at Tile master 2

Thanks. I'll give it a try. I'm new to adding something like this to Hubitat so just to be sue I do this right, do I install the TM Driver, TM2 parent, and TM2 child and then follow directions to add a tile as in the docs? Do I do anything with the package manifest or readme file?

Use Hubitat Package Manager and look for tile master. It will install everything.

Will do. Thanks again to all.