Aeotec doorbell 6

Next update will have many bug fixes for existing drivers. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


@bobbyD thanks for the clarification, Do you know when the next update will be coming?


Ok so its not just me. This is driving me crazy. I had it set up to chime a second siren in my backyard. Now all I get is people walking around the sideyard looking for me after ringing the bell for 10 minutes... and the eyeroll's about my "smart house"...

Any update on the update? I really need this working. In these strange times, I need the doorbell to let me know when someone is at the door when I am working in the garden office, hence a connected doorbell!

i use this .. much cheaper and works stock

I am on the last device transition from Smartthings, and the last device is Aeotec doorbell 6...

is the doorbell working complete with the button as a trigger for the doorbell or not ?
or is it just the state that doesnt change from the button (leaving out other automations based on this)
is the doorbell registering another state when playing a sound (which then could be used as extra trigger?)

In my case, nothing registers when door button is pressed, no state changes or logs from either the button or the siren. Hoping 2.2.4 will sort this, but it wasn't mentioned in the brief glimpse of the changes shown in the Hubitat Live! video.

But "Sound Switch Command Class" will be added, I assume that this will fix it. :thinking:

Here's hoping, I am checking my notification tab every day for the update, must be close now...

Very observant.. Yea.. A new driver for this is in the works.. Hopefully completed today for beta release.


@bcopeland does that mean it will be in 2.2.4 and transfer from beta along with it?


That’s the plan

Great, it works!
Had to change the driver to "Aeotec Siren 6 New" and hit "configure".
The child devices disappeared, all functions can now be found in the main device. :+1:

So Siren 6 not Doorbell 6 for the parent device? Does this make the button send events too?


It shows the playing status only, so one can use the custom status attribute with RM to trigger actions.

Ok thanks for confirming, I will expose the "new" device to Node Red and see what I can get out later.

I don't know if this is C-5 specific or also happens with the C-7. With the new driver for the Aeotec Doorbell, button actions are no longer reported as events.

With the old driver, pushed and released were reported as events (not sure if my terminology is correct). Now all that is reported is that the chime is playing or stopped.


This has made some automations difficult to do - for example, being notified when the button is pushed v/s the siren being activated by another automation.

Any suggestions?


This is not activated on anything but the doorbell button endpoint and shouldn't ever be called from anything hub side or siren / chime side

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Are you seeing it on anything but doorbell presses ?

Yes. I'm seeing when I play sounds via an automation or directly from the device page.

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