Aeotec doorbell 6

It was supposed to be in the device data section.. But I see that itโ€™s not being reported for some reason.. Iโ€™ll check it out..


I wouldn't say that

Is easier than

But yes this 'workaround' does work

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I don't use any workaround. It's simple as that:

I found trying to set the sounds to 'none' did weird random things. Instead I set the tamper alarm volume to 'mute' and then used the shortest sound (single bell ting) so that the tamper alarm light wouldn't stay on for longer than necessary (I mean, it shouldn't come on at all, but ...).

That said, I can't get the driver to work properly for me. No button notifications, so I'm stuck triggering on when the status changes to 'playing'.

@bcopeland Looks like the driver is still looking for the wrong name for creating component devices. Getting the error:

dev:3122021-06-24 17:44:42.133 errororg.codehaus.groovy.runtime.InvokerInvocationException: Device type 'Aeotec Siren 6' in namespace 'hubitat' not found (configure)

The driver name is Aeotec Siren 6 New which seems to be where the issue is happening...

When does it come up with this error?.. There are no child devices used in this driver.

Every time I hit configure. The parent device type is the Aeotec doorbell 6.

:thinking: Can you send me a screenshot of the device list where this device is?

@bcopeland originally had my doorbell set to the old driver then switched it so the home security monitor would recognize it as a siren. I had notification set up to ping my phone when the doorbell button was pushed. The notifications have stopped when I changed the driver. I went to the logs trying to figure out what was going on. When I go to the device settings and select push with the value set at 1 I get an error in the logs. Do you know what is going on and if I am doing something wrong.

Thanks Mark

I have driver set to "Aeotec Doorbell 6" and am still not seeing button presses in the EVENTS log. Has this been fixed to work this way?

I read through this whole thread and maybe I'm missing it but I don't see any clear evidence that this was ever rectified? Am I missing something?

I'm not sure. I am using the built-in driver called "Aeotec Siren 6 New" with the Doorbell 6, and as indicated in the screen shots below, I can definitely see pushed events. Also, automations based on the button being pushed work perfectly.

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Ok you're using a different driver. Let me try the siren driver and see how it goes, thanks!

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I can reproduce the issue that @wogfun saw with the built-in "Aeotec Doorbell 6" driver.

Basically, while the Doorbell button component devices are created, when the button is pushed, no event is generated for either the parent device or the child device.

In contrast, events are generated when the same device is used with the built-in "Aeotec Siren 6 New" driver, although this driver doesn't permit the creation of doorbell button component devices.

:thinking: Why are the component devices needed? If button features are included in the main driver?

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I thought it was because you can add extra physical buttons to the system?

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Like @Inge_Jones said. However, the central issue is that with the "Aeotec Doorbell 6" driver events are not generated in the parent device either when the buttons are pushed. So there's an issue with that driver - it should probably be removed.

I had to change to the Siren version myself, wasn't getting any reliability out of the Doorbell version, and I wasn't using buttons.

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Yeah - that's what I was trying to get at. Because with the Siren driver, I can get and distinguish between events from button 1 vs button 2. So the other (non-working) driver can be removed.

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