Aeon Multisensor (Gen 5) support?

I'm having some issues getting my Aeon Multisensor (Gen 5) to connect and work reliably with my Hubitat. I was able to add it to the system just fine, but it doesn't seem to be accurately reporting motion (at least not in a timely manner). I've tried the default driver for the Gen 6 device as well as the custom drivers various users have posted here. None seem to fix the issue. Right now the sensor is sitting less than a foot from my hub, so I don't think that's the problem. Is this just one of those situations where the device isn't 100% supported, or is there something I haven't tried yet?

I have a few of these as well. I've tried built-in (Gen 6) driver, generic, and custom Gen 5 drivers ported from ST. The issue I see is it reports motion active, but then doesn't report motion inactive until motion becomes active again and then it sends inactive immediately followed by active. This causes rules based on "inactive" to never fire.

The Gen 5 has been mentioned in this thread:

This thread (mentions the inactive coming in with the motion event):

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There's probably other threads as well. I've not found a custom or any other driver that resolves the issue of inactive not being reported until the motion sensor becomes active again.

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