Aeon Doorbell - sound replay ( 7x) issue

Have an Aeotec Doorbell (ZW056-A) and been using it to add voice notifications to my light notifications. Using Basic Rules to trigger a light to turn on and play an MP3 when a door opens/ sensor opens.... Today, it started playing the MP3 -s 7 times for each single event. Initially, I thought it is the rule but when I played the sound under the AEOTEC DOORBELL device, I noticed that pressing PLAY a single time causes the sound to be played 7 times.
Using C-7
I have not made changes to the hub or apps for a few months now.

Noticed the issue while on v2.3.5.146 ( upgraded to this FW a while back)

Noticed the issue and checked for updates ( noticed the unit acting up once updates are available and not applied) : I noticed an update was available and updated to v.
Upgrading did not resolve the issue.
Powered hub down then back up.
Still the same repeat issue.
I do not know what else to do. I wonder if anyone else encountered the same issue..
Not sure if downgrading 2 versions back is an option....Any suggestions are appreciated.

Probably related to: AOETEC Siren 6 - Random Sounds

Thanks for the pointer! Read the thread and it looks like he solved the issue by " repairing the doorbell device using S2 protocol" . While I am happy to hear I am not the only one with this issue, the solution presented is not clear. A google search pointed S2 to be a new security protocol for z-wave sevices & hubs.
I suspect my doorbel is too old to support S2.

I think I will start with removing and adding the device to the hub.

Thanks again!

At least with my device, I know that there is a firmware upgrade but unfortunately AOETEC doesn’t provide it in the format hubitat accepts. I would need to buy a zwave stick to run it. I didn’t want to buy a stick only for that and I camponeses with the device as is…

Finally got to this and resolved it:
1- removed device (used REMOVE button in Habitat then 3x device button press). Note: the Blue light on doorbell plugged in the wall, will be blinking while waiting for pairing.
2- add device, select AEOTEC DOORBELL -->ZW056 --> Begin ZWAVE inclusion --> long press on device button
3-Edit rules and re-select the audio device ( minimal work, no need to re-create rules).

I hope this will help others facing this issue.

Thanks again!