Advice - Large # of Switches

Need some advice from the community. I want to replace as many switches as I can possibly afford, but am not sold on which direction to go. I have upwards of 14 regular switches (decora), 5 dimmers, and 10 fans. That is not including bathrooms where I want to eventually do humidity switch\sensors for exhaust fans, plug in switches, etc. Focusing strictly on physical "light" switches at the moment, this is going to expensive any way I slice it, I know.

What is the most cost effective, not "cheap" as you get what you pay for, way to go? Physical in-wall switch? In-box (behind existing) switch? Something else I have not thought of?

I have been trolling eBay for older models like the GE/Jasco 12722's. Grabbed 2 of them for $25 total, but have not seen any that low since. Grabbed 5 (shoot me I know - but for simple on off they are doing the trick) GE/Quirky Tapt's, each for no more than $15.

Ideally I would like to go with all 1 brand (within each category - Switch, Dimmer, Fan) but it isn't imperative.

I've really been enjoying the new switches from Inovelli. The basic Z-Wave switch is a pretty reasonable price.

Previously I'd been using the GE/Jasco switches and they work well also (just stay away from the older non Z-Wave plus models). I've got a Zooz switch and one dimmer. They've been rock solid as well.

I'd say look for the features you want (scene control, 3 way dumb switch compatibility?) and then wait for a sale and get 20 of them.

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The Inovellis would probably be my #1 choice, especially given the new features. And with the new Fan Switch, and Fan & Light Switches they have coming out I could do all 1 brand.

With 30 total switches though...looking at almost $1000. Thats my dilemma, how to shave off a decent portion of that amount while not going down the crap hardware\firmware route. And absolutely not going WiFi!

My advice and opinion. If you're going for a wholesale swap go with something that is going to last and always work reliably the way you want it and consistently.

Yes I'm recommending Lutron. Go RadioRA2 if you can afford it. If not then RA2 Select and if not then Caseta Pro. Next option is to ditch things entirely and go Insteon with an ISY and connect Hubitat to the ISY so you get to keep your ZigBee and Hubitat apps...


Come on @ogiewon type faster we all know you're going to say Lutron :slight_smile:


Personally, I prefer Lutron for switches, dimmers, fan controllers, and pico remotes.

If you’re willing to use older GE Z-Wave (non-plus) switches, I have some that I removed last year. PM me for details if you want some more information. I’d be willing to let these go for cheap money in the U.S.A.

Just be warned, these do NOT reliably report physical status changes to your hub, if that is important to you. I replaced all of them with Lutron Caseta devices due to this issue.

Inovelli all the way.. I just replaced all my older linear and ge (non plus) dimmers with Inovelli..

I've been using Zooz in all my upstairs switches. They've been working well for me.

When I was in that boat (about a year ago), I chose to go with Lutron (Caseta Pro). I have not regretted that decision.


You really can't. Sorry.

Buy used where you can, I guess, but I think you will find that it isn't going to come down much from that dollar amount for 30 devices.

+1 to Lutron Caseta Pro
Who at Lutron came up with the Pico remote idea should be given a medal!

Put together a pick list of what you need and present it to a installer or vendor for a quote because you want to buy in bulk. I get pretty decent discounts doing it this way.

First you really need to decide on protocol and then shop it to vendors or work with a dealer/installer to try and get a discount.

I think one of the overlooked beauties of the Lutron Caseta system is that EVEN if you decide to make a major change to your control system later on down the road, Caseta will just keep on working independently.

They are without a doubt the first and only tech product I've bought that ''just worked'' right out of the box. The fact that their dimmers did not require a neutral was also a huge plus in an old house (although the electrical has now since been upgraded) it allowed me to get into the game earlier than I would have been able if I had needed neutrals in every gang box.


I second that!

Throughout the years I've gone through Staples Connect, SmartThings, Hubitat Elevation... the pile of unused IoT hubs in my garage keeps growing.
Yet my trusty Lutron Caseta Pro is still happily humming along pretty much faultless,

I have to agree...I've wasted MORE money on things that didn't work...had I started with Lutron in the beginning I would have saved. FYI, search around on here there are some good sites to get the Lutron stuff from rather inexpensively.

I currently use: Zooz, GE/Jasco, Homeseer, Inovelli and Lutron.

I know the OP wants to go the budget route, but the Lutron products + Pro2 Bridge are really the way to go for quality, reliability and flexibility with the Pico remotes. I have about 12 Picos set up in other rooms controlling all sorts of non-Lutron lighting! I managed to scrape mine together by looking on eBay and Amazon when discounted or returned product was available. I now have 58 dimmers, lamp modules and Picos in my set up

IF you are into the pico remote thing, then lutron is hard to beat.

Personally I have zero need for remotes, or another hub/ecosystem. I can afford whatever I want, but I still choose zwave plus for lighting.

Part of Lutron's corporate philosophy is that their biggest competition is the old-fashioned standard wall switch. You flip it up, lights go on, you flip it down, lights go off, 100% of the time. That is the standard of reliability everything they make has to match.

IMO, they've succeeded. All my RadioRa2 switches, and all the Caseta switches before them, have worked 100% of the time. Not having to think about them, ever, is worth every penny I paid for them.


@JasonJoel … I agree, the remotes are more of a bonus. For me, I wanted to insure that visitors didn't have issues turning on/off lights without the need to know how to trigger them via Alexa. Plus they have a high WAF quotient!

Interesting I used to feel the same I'm more inclined to have that "other hub" that just has one job...controlling my lighting. If and when I want to update my Home control hub (HE at the moment) there is no including/excluding of's a simple app to connect to the hub. One of my biggest beefs about switching from Smartthings to HE was all the radio re-do stuff. If I had a ROCK solid Zwave hub that I connected all things zwave to...and it had a telnet interface to HE...I think that would be FANTASTIC. However this is my opinion and clearly not a popular one...since something like that does not exist. :slight_smile: