Advice adding wifi device - MHCOZY Wifi Garage Door Controller

Hey guys. I'm just getting started with the Hubitat and I've purchased an MHCOZY Wifi wireless smart switch relay module (bought from Amazon).

I've been searching high and low for information about whether or not I can use this device with the Hubitat, and if so, how. I think it's an ESP8266 based device, but I'm not sure. I've seen some mention of Hubuino and I've looked into it, but I'm not sure where to begin, aside from loading the device drivers into the Hubitat.

The forum would not let me post images or include a link to the device's page on Amazon, otherwise I would have included that.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!!

Welcome to the communities!!
You may need to flash a different firmware image on the device to use it with Hubitat.
I just read through a Q&A on Amazon and this may not be flashable. I would do some Google searching for possible modifications to this device. It may be possible to connect it with IFTTT??? Just guessing.

Thank you, I appreciate the response.

I was thinking the same as well, but I'm not sure. The device is somewhat like a Sonoff device, and it may be possible to flash it with Tasmota or something.

I have yet to find any in depth info about the device out there, but I'm looking!

Anyone else have any ideas?!


I can't find a template for that device on the Tasmota Templates page. I can tell you this, if you don't have all the tools necessary to work with other Sonoff devices (header pins, header wire, a USB to Serial adapter, soldering iron, etc) you're going to end up spending more on other pieces than just buying an out-of-the box solution.

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You're right, I know. Try to save a few bucks and end up wasting time and money getting where you want to be.

I'm probably going to pick up the stuff you mentioned to reflash the chip, so I was just trying to verify what I'm dealing with. The chip's markings are hard to read, but after using a magnifying glass and some squinting, I see it's an ESP8285. Even though there isn't a Tasmota template for this device specifically, I think I should be able to re-flash it... possibly.

Unfortunately the forum is still not letting upload any images for some reason, so I can't show the board and everything.


I don't think the ESP8285 is flashable which is why I suggested you do some Google searches to determine whether it is possible or not. I would not try doing any modifications until you confirm that it is flashable.

The ESP8285 is the successor to the Esp8266. That chip is the one used on the Wemos D1 Mini Lite. It was developed for wearables and is completely flash able. Whether this device is though will depend on the wiring and which pins are exposed. You'd have to find a wiring diagram for the board.

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The Q&A section of one of the MHCOZY devices suggested that it wasn't possible to flash it with Tasmota. I wasn't meaning that ESP8285 couldn't but I certainly didn't make that clear.

Yeah, I didn't read up on the board itself. It's also possible they didn't use the right flash settings for the 8285

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Thanks, I appreciate the input guys.

Wish I could post images in this thread, but they don't allow for some reason.

The main board has four empty pads:

  • A square pad that seems to go to ground
  • Another pad that seems to go the the main board, looks like to a transistor. Perhaps power?
  • And two more pads that route to the vertical ESP8285 module board. Perhaps TX/RX?

I'll keep digging... it's morbidly enjoyable. Let me know if anything else comes to mind.

This device looks perfect for controlling my garage door, did you get it to work or find an alternative that works with hubitat?

That relay also comes in a zigbee version that works with Hubitat out of the box.


I used this same zigbee relay with my remote garage opener solution.

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