Advanced RGBW zigbee driver

@mike.maxwell the refresh in the driver does that talk to the device and get it's current state or is it requesting the current state of the driver?

I have a innr lamp that doesn't seem to change to off but is off. However even when it's off and you send a OFF which changes it's state to off. If you then press refresh it's going back to ON!? Re configured it and still the same so something odd has just started to happen.

refresh always asks the device for current attribute values, there's no such thing as refreshing the attributes in the driver as they are by definition current.

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That is what I expected, however this means there is a issue. I would have said it must be the device, but as I have just tested about 4 or 5 different manufacturers and multiple different models it can't be.

They are all RGBW Lamps and they are doing the same, I think the issue is the driver. They are all using the advanced RGBW driver

If the device is off and you hit refresh in the device page, it reports as switch state ON when the lamps are off. So I think you might have it backwards in the driver.

Interesting I am seeing the same thing with a ledvance bulb but was blaming the device. Worse, once refresh is called, there is no getting the device attribute to go back to off with the off command, need to do a set level to 0 to get it to go back to off. And then on/off appears to work again until the next time refresh is called.

Not seeing this, it always goes back to off with off but then goes back to on with refresh.

Not sure how that could happen, please provide debug logs that demonstrate this issue.

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its not "on"

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Here is what I'm seeing.

Sequence (bulb remains off the whole time):

  • Verify current state for switch on device page is off.
  • hit Refresh on device page. Current state for switch changes to on - bulb remains off
  • hit Off on device page. Current state still says on.
  • hit SelLevel(0) on device page. Current state changes to off.

Do you want me to show each different model and manufacturers as well. I'm not having the same as @hubitrep when I do a off the state goes off.

It looks like these specific bulbs aren't going to work with the advanced driver since it processes data differently,
Now having said that we should be processing the read attribute response from the refresh command and it sure looks like we aren't, so I'll take a look at that.

Actually its something different, the color values being returned are creating an on event for some reason, they shouldn't

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Yeah, simple fix will be in the next 2.3.8 hotfix, or 2.3.9 beta, whichever comes first!


Do you want me to check the other manufacturers lamps to see same response or do you think you fix will fix them all?

simple fix, and it will fix all of them, this really is the result of adding the manual refresh command.
At this point I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with a specific bulb.


updated but

no change here either

Can you post a screen shot of the values contained in state along with a new set of live logs?
I need the state values both before and after the refresh command is executed, Thanks!

? no difference

In sequence :


I don't see any difference here either. Only the switch state attribute.

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this makes zero sense, what platform versions are you running?

I'm seeing the same behavior on with Ledvance rgbw bulbs using the advanced rgbw zigbee driver. I don't see this happen with the Generic rgbw zigbee driver.

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