Addition to official 'C8 Migration Instructions / LAN/Cloud Migration Notes'

Given the presumably huge popularity of the built-in HE Lutron and Hue integration apps and the variable knowledge level of HE users ultimately seeking customer satisfaction from the migration process, may I suggest:

  1. ADD mention of the Lutron and Hue integration apps (and any other applicable BUILT-IN apps) so that those of us who do not explicitly know the meaning of the phrase "LAN Integration app" on the LAN/Cloud Migration Notes page can have a better chance of success on the first migration attempt.

  1. ADD something about how to disable Drivers.


EDIT: If the second reference below about disabling device drivers is true, then should one assume that ALL Lutron devices should be disabled prior to migration? Wow!


Lutron devices/integrations do not need shut down. The majority of wifi/lan devices don't. What you may need to do (not in the case of lutron) is reauth some cloud devices like google and what not. Lutron will migrate just fine.

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