Adding Weather Station conditions to Rule Machine

Would it be possible to add something similar to the device "attributes" (as like is in the Dashboard) to rule machine? I would like to set lighting/blinds open/close conditions based upon current solar radiation levels, as well as sprinkler controllers based upon daily rain amounts. Or notifications sent when wind reaches X amount. I tried using "illuminace" for this but it's measurements are different and didn't work as I use solar radiation because it is more controllable 0-approx 800 vs my weather stations lux value is 90000 in full sun right now.

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Try @Cobra's Weather Switch

or @bangali's WATO

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The first one last I heard Cobra was going to try and redo because the Weather Underground driver and API is completely changed now

The Second one "WATO" seems to be almost exactly as I was looking for ( a few features that rule machine has that this doesn't) but overall it's excellent! Something similar to this would be excellent incorporated natively into rule machine


Rewriting the WU drivers does not impact on Weather Switch.
I reacts to attributes, it can be used with any device that pushes the correct attributes.
The WU rewrite is so that I can get these attributes from WU.