Adding non HE compatible devices to use in webCore

I'm just beginning to stick my toe into the webCore waters and I see it has a huge list of device capabilities like step counters, sleep sensors and many others that are not necessarily compatible with Hubitat. My question is, how is it possible to bring these devices into webCore that may not be compatible with Hubitat?

You can’t. You’ll have to bring the devices into Hubitat via a built-in or community integration.

FWIW, there are sleep sensors that are Hubitat compatible. Wouldn’t be surprised if there were compatible step counters as well.

Slightly disappointing to hear but thank you for the quick reply.

FWIW, if the device you’re interested in is compatible with Home Assistant, there’s a community integration called Home Assistant Device Bridge (HADB) that can be used to bring it into Hubitat.

Thank you for sending me the information about HA and thanks to whoeve.r was the author(s)! Your timing is perfect because as much as I like HE, I've been looking at eventually jumping into Home Assistant because of its reputation for working with just about everything. Because of the scarcity and high prices of Raspberry Pi's along with learning to exploit the full potential of HE has kept me from getting HA. I've been playing with home automation since I got my first Radio Shack branded X-10 devices in 1981 and I've seen a lot of smarthome systems come and go. We're still dealing with incompatibility issues more than forty years on. Maybe now it might Matter. Sorry for the bad pun. I really do appreciate the information, so thanks again.
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If I might make a suggestion, there are better platforms to run HA in. Many people choose to run it in a VM. I personally used it on an Odroid XU4 until recently.

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@ExWinkBryan there are many alternatives to a Raspberry Pi

Also, I highly recommend running both HA and HE in parallel using HADB, and for some purposes, the HE to HA integration to connect various devices between them. If you’re new to HE, you’ll find that its automation is really powerful and a heck of a lot easier to create complicated automations than it is with a HA. You find other great bonuses on HE like free Alexa integration, free google home integration, a really good Lutron integration, etc. The list goes on and on with Hubitat. Yes HA does integrate with a lot, but there are limits on both sides, so with the two in parallel, the potential is almost unlimited.

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I'm with both @aaiyar and @SmartHomePrimer. Both have helped me with my setup that uses both HE and HA. Please read the thread (or at least the beginning...) referenced above for HADB - it's fantastic. Another benefit of HE is this user community - folks here are very helpful.

FYI I set up HA on an ODRIOD N2+. But you could possibly save money AND enjoy the option to run VM's if you buy a used NIC on Ebay or elsewhere. FYI I happen to be running ALL of my Zigbee devices in HE, and WiFi or wired devices mostly through HA.

Best of luck to you.

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