Adding new driver to new hub

I have a brand new hub to which I want to add new driver. I forgot how to add it. It is a Shabbat/holiday scheduler.
I did before on my Hubitat in Florida. Now I need to do it for one in Israel. But at 83 I forgot how to do it.

Drawing a complete blank
Please help

What you're describing sounds a lot more like an app than a driver. To add custom app code, navigate to Apps Code (on the left), click New App, copy/paste the code into the editor (or click Import and provide a URL to "raw" code), and then click Save. If you do not see Apps Code, click the arrows next to Developer Tools to expand that section.

You can see a bit more here: Apps Code | Hubitat Documentation

Note that this just adds the app as available on your hub but doesn't install an instance; to do that, you'll have to go to Apps like usual and select Add User App.

If you are indeed asking about a driver, the first steps are similar, except you'd be going to Drivers Code.

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Can you help me install hpm

Those are intended to be step-by-step Instructions.

As mentioned, it's critical to understand that the steps, whichever you follow, detail how to get Community code onto the hub. Once that step is accomplished, then you use Apps and click one of the two buttons:

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 12.43.38 PM


Either my instructions or @csteele’s instructions will work. His are probably more straightforward, with fewer steps, than the thread I linked. The thread I linked, though, is more general, and will install any app.

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solved thanks

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