Adding motion to lights


im just getting started with hubitat and with it I purchased a handful of various smart switches, outlets, door and motion sensors.

I want to link one of the motion sensors I purchased to turn on a lamp in the living room for 5 minutes during the night however I still want that same lamp to function normally when manually turned on by a person. What would be the most efficient way to say "When you see motion and night mode is active, turn on device X for 5 minutes except when the device is already on".

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You have multiple options but I suggest you try the Room Lighting new app presented a week ago. It can do what you need and much much more.

Look no further than the Basic Rules app that is pre-loaded on your hub. It follows the same logic as you expressed in your use case, except the exclusion part (and night mode is active) - that part is a "Restriction" in the Basic Rules app, and can be found at the end of the rule.

So here is how your rule might look like:

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