Adding Eufy Cams to Dashboard

Does anyone have a solution to adding my Eufy cams to the dashboard? I realize you probably can’t view the cams, that would be ideal, but maybe receive a notification when sound/motion is detected. Or even a simple link to the app would be better than nothing. I’m relatively new to Hubitat so any information or ideas are appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Welcome aboard. While you can't get a video feed, if your camera is able to display snapshot images, you can add the URL to a dashboard tile. You can do a 1 second refresh for the tile. Although it isn't a smooth video, it will give you a reasonable view of what is going on.

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1st, Welcome to community.
With a little extra work and an Android phone running Tasker, you should be able to get the notifications to trigger a virtual motion sensor like i do with a Eufy doorbell.

I use the Image Tile with my Honeywell IPCAM-W0 with no refresh and it shows the video feed not just a 1 second refresh so it might be possible. Doesn't hurt to try.

tinyCam PRO (Android app) will soon (in a week) be able to show Eufy cameras (under beta now). So will be possible to run web server in tinyCam PRO on any separate Android device and embed MJPEG stream from that device right into Dashboard.


That’s excellent news. Thank you for the update!

how do you get the url of the camera i cant seem to find it

Don't know how to find it in the Tinycam app however after some research the URL is:


Just deploy the web server, fill in the blanks i' the URL with your data and it should work. If you have several cameras you can change the camera number from 'camera=1'

Thanks a million I'm at work so I'll have to try this when I get back

i cant seem to get anything to show up im putting it in a image template

Make sure to assign a static IP to your camera or reserve the address on your router. What type of camera do you have? Is it a Eufy cam? Are you sending RTSP feed to TinyCam?

No I'm not sending to tiny cam should I be

I don't think eufy supports mjpeg streams so yes you would need to use something like TinyCam, MotionEye, BlueIris, or a synology nas. Then put the URL for the mjpeg stream from those in the Image tile.