Adding a Pioneer Audio Video Receiver

Hi there. I just want to add a Pioneer AVR to my Hubitat Dashboard to be able to control it. How do I do it? I don't see an option for adding WiFi devices. Thanks.


Unfortunately there probably is not a good way to do it with Hubitat unless Pioneer has an open API that allows outside products to access. If Pioneer does, search here for that device to see if someone has come up with a community solution. If Pioneer does not, you're probably out of luck.

A majority of Wi-Fi devices do not work with Hubitat and the ones that do are usually through some sort of community integration, not a native one.

This is the list of compatible devices that work with Hubitat:

You might be able to get some sort of IR controller or roll your own.. and control it that way..

(less expensive models on eBay and Aliexpress)

I haven't used it personally, but I have read in various places that relatively recent (last ~5 years?) Pioneer receivers are actually compatible with the Onkyo control protocol. For example: Pioneer - Home Assistant

There is a native Onkyo integration as well as a community one that extends the feature set.

I would try out either of those to see what happens.

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