Add Weather Radar to a Dashboard Easy

Awesome. Ok, I have my Radar dashboard all setup now..haha :cloud_with_rain: :tornado: :rainbow: :umbrella: :satellite:

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Excelent.. looks good!

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Yep, I added them to the Regional Radar Section in the original post last night. Or this morning I guess. It was a little after midnight. I put some additional ones in the Hurricane Track Atlantic also.

@lewis.heidrick, Sorry, I missed that. It says "Radar"on the section, the GOES data is satellite, so I didn't expand that section. I've deleted my post.

Thanks! Nicely put together.

Np, I labeled the satellite data as such I just didn't want a bunch of different areas to have to drill into. Trying to keep it clean so it easy for new users to navigate. I get asked how to do this a lot and it's helpful to have all the info in one post I can send them to. I updated the Regional labels to include Satellite.


Anyone have other satellite feed links I could check out?

Some for South Africa

This is good for the Midwest US

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@tom.guelker That looks nice where can you find a list of URL's for other areas?

The regional radars and satellites up at the top and use the goes16 satellite feeds.

@lewis.heidrick Just getting the image from the URL:


No links on it.

I got the link from an Action Tiles forum :sunglasses:

Unsure how to get a different location. Sorry.

This thread is more for direct radar and satellite feeds that can work with out the of the box image tile, or could be used as source feeds for other projects. Feel free to promote your work in its own feed though.

Added National and a Regional radar users posted.

I was able to get another section of it by going here:

selecting a region from the drop down (I chose AR - Little Rock)

Then click on image link, which should bring up this page:

I then changed current.png to animate.png and get this:

Might work for other regions as well.

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I'll add it in a bit. My daughter's all-in-one hp is running like ■■■■ so have it ripped apart replacing components so she can get back to doing her classwork.


Awesome, thanks! Unfortunately, the radar kind of sucks. There's a big, fuzzy blue blob surrounding my area (no rain here). The other radars aren't any better. In the past I've tried to pull a nice radar image or gif from various weather websites, but couldn't do it. They use so many APIs, scripts, etc. I finally gave up. This is much better than nothing. Thanks again :slight_smile:

The satellite images are another option.

Great stuff @makirules! ...And thanks for the clear/detailed instructions. I like the look of the WU animation and am adding the entire USA one( to my dashboard. :+1:

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