Add Refresh Capability to Generic Z-Wave Plus Smoke/CO Detector Driver

@bcopeland - It was noted in the below post a while back that the Z-Wave plus version does not have refresh capability whereas the non-plus version of the driver does, and you said you could add it, but it looks like that never happened.

These devices don’t report very frequently and go days or week+ sometime before reporting any activity. It’s important to know if they are still functioning/reporting, so a refresh capability would be very helpful (in my case to set an auto refresh from device activity check). I am able to switch to the non-plus version of the driver and successfully do a refresh, so the capability should work on the plus version.

Would it be possible to get that refresh capability on the Generic Z-Wave Plus Smoke/CO Detector Driver?


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I just noticed that @jtp10181 does have a custom driver for this, so I’ll check that out to see if it has refresh capability, but either way, I think I it would be good to add refresh to the default driver.

I have a "Force Refresh" but the device is normally sleeping so it just does it next wakeup. Not sure how a refresh would help with a sleepy ZW Plus device.

However, every wake up you will get a battery event from my driver forced as a state change. Very easy to tell if it is still alive and kicking.



Thanks. I have some older Z-wave versions and 2 Z-Wave plus versions. One of the plus versions reports battery every hour, but one hasn’t reported for 6 days (last time was 95%, so shouldn’t be dead, although it’s on alkaline batteries so it’s a possibility). Maybe I just need to reset and re-pair it.

With my driver, click the Full Configure command, turn on debug logging, then open and close the battery tray to wake it up. One of the logs should be the wake up time response. It should be 4200 seconds, which seems to be the default of the ZCombo and it refused to change to anything else for me.

Every time it wakes up my driver requests the battery level, so you should be getting a battery event every 4200 seconds using my driver.

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I’ve been using your driver since you released it and it has been perfect. The biggest reason I changed to your driver is to hopefully receive the eol message from a couple of my older zcombo detectors. Otherwise it’s not real obvious when the detector is at eol.

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Thanks for the instructions. I’m on holiday, so will be a bit before I can try this out.

What happens if I use this on the older non-Z-Wave Plus models? Operational issue, or just incorrect (or no) parameter reporting?

I honestly have no idea how non-plus battery sensor devices work, unless they are just awake all the time, or possibly use FLiRS? If they just report battery and things on their own it would pick that up, but the refresh and configure commands wait for a wake up event which I am not sure if they will ever send one.

Hey Jeff, is this driver not in HPM?

No it’s not. I could add it since it seems to be more popular than I thought it would be.

no need on my part... just saw this thread and trying it out the old fashioned way now... just curious when i couldn't find it

The non plus ZCombo seems to report around every 5 days.