Add new cell as presence device

Hubitat automatically found and added my Samsung Android tablet and LG Android Cell phone some months ago. Now I have picked up a new Android cell phone and Hubitat hasn't found it. How do I manually add it to my device list?

Did you install the Hubitat app and logged in ? It should have asked to create a new device.

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It's connected and working now - thanks.

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Still can't seem to find my wife's iPhone. She has an account and I have elevated her to admin. It shows her account in the list. The account was created on her phone and she is associated with Hubitat Hub. Still no apparent way to add her phone.


....and logged out of Hubitat and back into Hubitat and it asks if we'd like to create the new device.

Hello @kbell and welcome to Hubitat!

This thread, initiated by @jared.zimmerman, describes the same problem and also has the solution (provided by @SmartHomePrimer in post #33 ).

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