Add comment field to devices

Feature request: add a date-stamped, permanent, append-only comment field to each device.

This would allow for a historic log of user-supplied information associated with each physical device.

Use cases:

  • Tracking battery replacement frequency (a metric for devices that are too chatty on the network, devices with marginal connectivity, efficiency of devices, quality of battery brands)

  • Noting performance/feature changes depending on firmware. For example, I've got 15+ water sensors. I would update firmware on a small number of units and note any differences in behavior between firmware versions before doing a mass update.

  • Note particular characteristics of devices. For example, that one brand of motion detector responds more quickly than another, or that one brand of device works better when close to a repeater than another.

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From Bruce:


I just log battery changes in google sheets. works for me, but i acquiesce that it is a 2nd place to have to go look.

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Following up here since my first search took me to this item.
There is a custom app that achieves something similar here:

I use it to include a few things I need to look up in some drivers like Button Mapping, etc, which has been super useful to keep that within context of the driver