Add a Buy/Sell/Trade to the forum

We all have tons of stuff that we never ended up using or just sitting on our shelves. Also there are basically no other places on the internet to trade home automation besides random Facebook groups.

Hubitat itself would obviously have no legal binding to the selling or trading but I think it would be cool to have a place where we know each other, can see user feedback and know that we're all on the same platform.

I Love buying other people's junk.


The Lounge category is the perfect place. Users have been selling used gear for years.


Like this? :wink:


Yup just like that, except in a dedicated sub forum. I counted 4 items for sale in 70+ topics.

Would be nice to be able to pop in in the morning, see what's for sale and then go on with your day.

I'm getting older and I'm registered to lots of forums. None of them sell used gear in "the lounge"

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