For Sale: Various Used Ubiquiti / UniFi Gear

I have the following Ubiquiti gear for sale. I've been re-doing my network, so have extra items I no longer need.

All are in working condition and have been factory reset.

All prices including shipping, US only (sorry others).

* Qty 1 - Dream Machine SE (no hard drive installed)
* $275

  • Qty 1 - Switch Aggregation (8 port SFP+ 10Gb fiber), no SFP/SFP+ included - just the switch
    • $160
  • Qty 5 Qty 4 - Flex XG 10Gb Switch
    • $175 ea
  • Qty 1 - Switch Lite 8 POE
    • $70

Would entertain bundling multiple units at a lower price.

Side note, I also have some Switch 8 and Switch 8 POE too, but by the time you add shipping, etc, they aren't a very good deal versus buying new so I didn't list them.


Just because Iā€™m curious, what hardware have you switched to, still in the Unifi family of hardware?

Cisco switches. I still rather like Ubiquiti's APs though.

1 Like of those XGs is tempting. Have you ran any of the ports at sub-10? I was looking for a multi speed switch a while back and posted in the Ubiquiti forums. Some guy chimes in saying he couldn't get it to function properly at 2.5 Gbe. Of course, he also tried to "chastise" me for running the default VLAN in a home there's that.

I have run them at 1Gb, 2.5Gb, and 10Gb.

One of my NAS has a 2.5Gb nic, and it definitely said 2.5G in the uinfi controller.