Adaptive lighting (HA)

Hi all, Ive been playing around with HA for a few days and as much as i like it and its dashboards im sticking with hubitat .

One integration which i found pretty good was adaptive lighting which changed the colour temp and brightness of bulbs depending on the position of the sun.

Is there anything available like this for habitat at all?

If you are talking about a constant adjustment every minute of the day, then there isn't specifically a built-in app just for this. But if you want to have different lighting levels and color temps during the day vs evening, you could do this fairly easily using a variety of methods. Modes would be one way to do this in bulk across many devices. I think you could also use scenes, and transition between scenes. Rule Machine likely can also do this, but that probably would be pretty complex to do.

[Release] [App] Circadian Daylight (v0.80) (Port) is one example of a community app that can do this, there are likely others.

Maybe someone else has suggestions...

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Ah thank you , ill check that app out