Activity rule to shutdown hub in a power failure

I would make it as short as possible. So your Hubitat gets notified as early as possible when there's a power disruption.

I don't have one of those, so I don't know. But as a start, what happens if you hit "Configure" and then "Refresh".

If that doesn't work, try triggering the device by unplugging it.

OK , Now Current status shows:

Current States

  • battery : 36
  • Battery Reporting Interval : [70]

I'll drop down the interval to 10, I don't want to tax the hub

I think that reporting interval is to report the battery level of the internal battery, not the power status (mains vs battery). They are two separate reports.

Ok I put interval to 60min .Really dont need reporting any more than that just to check battery level. Guess its an automatic reporting if power goes out. Gotta test it tomorrow after battery fully charged

You don't need to wait for that. Just pull it from the plug and see if the it changes instantly or not. Don't make us wait!!! hehe

Lololo. Ok right after dinner. FINALLY got to go food shopping with a mask on so enjoying FOOD lolo. What a world

Ok drum roll ---------- changed rule to shut hub in 2min. Unplugged the plug of Ring and current status now shows :


After 2 min Hub now has Red light . I'm hoping that's because on a battery backup. Now the question is - how to I restart the hub?????

Should I unplug Battery backup to hub and re-plug it back in?


OK all well! Green light back on!

Guess we ALL now know that the Ring extender is an inexpensive way to run a safe shutdown.
THANKS TO ALL - aaiyar, codahq for letting us know about the ring extender and OF COURSE RYAN780 who has the patience of a SAINT :innocent: and all that contributed to a successful outcome . TONY

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You are most welcome, sir. :bowing_man:

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It doesn't matter what the interval is. It sends an event when it's unplugged or plugged. You can just set whatever you want there because it will be an additional heartbeat message. It's blank because it hasn't received a battery update yet.

ahem and writing a driver for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, you're welcome.

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So sorry if I left anyone out who was of help. That is why I had ended with " and all that contributed" to play safe in case I did just that :smiley:.

Just out of curiosity, I wonder is there is a way or a need to do this with other hubs such a Lutron and Hue.

You can't really "shut down" the Lutron bnridge. I've also never heard about the Lutron bridge becoming corrupted. You can certainly keep it on a UPS. It uses less power even than Hubitat. The power adapter for the Lutron is 5v and only 250mA (I think). Very low power.

Lutron replaced a Smartbridge for me a few years ago. It stopped registering when paired switches/dimmers were modified, and no new devices could be added. No idea what made it go bad.

But that could have been for any number of reason. There is no way to safely shut off a Smartbridge that I am aware of. So, even if it could be corrupted, there's no way to prevent that, is there?

I wasn't documenting how it could be corrupted; rather that it can be corrupted (for whatever reason).

Well, obviously. Any electronic device with memory can be corrupted if you try hard enough. The point of the thread is safe shutdown. So, if there's no way to turn the bridge off, there's no way to prevent any possible corruption from pulling the power, correct?