Activity rule to shutdown hub in a power failure

PLEASE FORGIVE ME if I've posted this project in different ways but just an old guy trying to find the easiest solution to a power failure and a hub shutdown

I was wondering if its possible to have a z wave plug such as Sylvania or peanut plug to be monitored for activity and if no activity ( loss of power) after 5 minutes my Hubitat can be powered down safely. My hub has a battery back up thay will keep it active for a few hours and my router has a ups that will hold power for about 15 min. So if it were possible for a rule that tells the hub to check if the plug is still reporting and if not after 5 minutes shut down my hub safely.

I know people in the community have been great in advising using a contact switch and wiring to a relay but I've seen no pics on where to attach the wires from the relay to the contact switch or even a ST water sensor and thought this may be a work around to get the same affect. I have Device watchdog installed and it was great in advising me my sylvania plug was not reporting which ended up being a ground fault that had tripped and thought a rule could do the same for a power outage.

I think you are going to have trouble powering the device and reporting the voltage.
I used a MonaLisa board connected to the ups. It gets its power from the ups and monitors the voltage supplied to the ups.

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No. Because these outlets will not report power unless the power changes. They don't report in when power fails because they no longer have power. So, how long would you have to check to make sure that there was no report from the device before you call that a failure? The power could be lost and then back on in that length of time. Look at your plugs now and see if all of them have activity within the last 15 minutes.

There are several solutions for reliably monitoring power that are up here on the forum. You have to use something that will report immediately when power is lost, otherwise you have no idea how long ago the power was lost and no idea how much time is left on your UPS. I use an old wall-wart tied to a relay that is monitored by the Sonoff that i use to turn the hub off in an emergency.

Thanks so much and again I apologize for bothering the community concerning this issue. I just thought after Device Watchdog informed me of no activity on my Sylvania plug when my groundfault tripped that maybe this was my answer but apparently not. I do have an extra 5v relay from my konnected alarm system and a 5v wall wart that I could use if i just knew where to connect it on the contact sensor or even the ST water sensor or ANY OTHER DEVICE
Much appreciate your patience

Take a look at this thread. There are a lot of great ideas.

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You could maybe use a Ring Alarm Extender (Z-Wave) for this. It is a repeater with a battery. When it loses AC power it sends a message. When it starts charging e.g. it has AC power it sends a message.


Wouldn't that mean that you'd have to get a whole ring system? Will the extender pair with Hubitat? I thought they used proprietary z-wave and couldn't pair directly to Hubitat.

The extender will pair directly to HE. It's not proprietary at all. A lot of the devices join and all of them would except that some of the devices (like the keypad) won't fall back to S1. HE doesn't support full S2 for all devices yet.

Here's a driver for HE for direct pairing for the extender.


How long does the battery last? This is similar to the now unavailable Centralite Nitelight device. It had a battery backup for the repeater so your Zigbee door/window sensors would still work for the alarm if the power was out. It didn't last all that long but it was better than nothing. I can see this being really great for folks that have Z-wave locks too, since it supports beaming. Your hub would still be able to talk to your locks if your power failed.

For only $25, that is a much, MUCH simpler solution that trying to solder something together (if that frightens you).

Currently I'm in the process of testing my solution of a low cost UPS and sensing loss of power.

My loss of power "sensor" is a board by @iharyadi It's a 5V powered Zigbee sensor that updates every 5 minutes. It was installed some time ago to monitor the state of a switch on my boiler.

Now I'm working on a secondary power outage indicator, perhaps by refreshing my Inovelli Red dimmer.

I will be posting my results within a week (if all goes well). As I write this post I am testing the UPS for hold up time. I pulled power from my hub 2 hours ago and am monitoring the battery voltage.


I think I've only tested the battery life once. If I remember correctly it was unplugged a day or two before it started to register anything below 100% and then I plugged it in again. I was just trying to get a battery event out of it. It was not repeating any signals though. I imagine it is very dependent on workload.

This is exactly what I'm looking for! I'd basically put it in the same room as my hubitat hub and just possibly use Cobra's app for device shutdown.

Is this the repeater your speaking of:

I'm really not afraid to solder it's just there havent really been any good pictures to tell me where in the contact sensor to solder the relay wires. Even with a St water sensor do you just solder to the outside contacts in any order?

May just order this ring repeater. Thanks so much for the idea AND driver

Yes, that is the one. They have released at least one firmware update that I know of but I don't know what was changed. You won't be able to get firmware updates with the Ring Alarm Hub but that probably won't matter since these devices are certified so in theory you shouldn't really run into anything major on the OOB firmware.

Perhaps I'm missing something. Should I assume you have some sort of UPS on the Hub.

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Yes i have a battery backup on the hub that would last a number of hours and i would assume i need my router to also function ( let me know if i dont) which has a ups that will hold it running for 15 min

Router is probably necessary for the hub to be shutoff because I'm guessing Cobra's app uses the reboot/shutdown URL on the hub which is only HTTP.

Thanks to ALL so much. I've been trying to figure out a solution for weeks. For $25 I'll give it a try and post results.

Are you aware of any RM4 capability that shuts down the hub w/o http?

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No - I don't think this can be done.


No unfortunately. I'm up there in years and try and work with Hubitat to keep my mind active. Would appreciate any help you can provide