Activity monitor - logs in google sheets

I have this running on my hub. I've logged 25000 rows of temp readings since January.

(that's my github in post #3; I just resurrected this on SmartThings back in 2016 after Chuck pulled support for it)

Just to add my thanks - I used this in ST, logging around 2.5 million data points a year (I needed to archive the sheet off each year).
I've just moved it over to HE, and am starting to add data to it as I move things over - it seems to be working fine (once I put my deployment ID in to the app, rather than the sheet ID D'Oh).


I deployed this app a while ago. Testing out in Step 16 was successful. Putting parameters into the URL results in data being logged in the sheet. I have the script key (not the sheet key) entered in the app, I have the right sensors selected (I'm using Aeotec MultiSensor 6) and trying to log humidity and temp.

However, only Temp is being logged and not humidity.

How can I troubleshoot?

Also, how do I adjust the frequency of the logging?

Can you show a screenshot of your app settings (but not the script URL key), specifically the temp/hum section?

You can adjust the time to keep events queued in the app, near the bottom. It looks like this:
The app receives events as they happen and queues them up. At the end of this period, it sends a new row to the sheet. Make this value larger to let more events get logged to one row. Make this value smaller to get events logged more immediately.

Here are the screenshots

And here's what the data structure looks like:

And a screenshot of my sensor settings:

So then I will need to change how frequently the sensor reports events, is it?

You've got values for both temp and humidity. They don't come at the same time -- the device sends a value and Hubitat turns it into an event. This gets collected by the app and put in the queue. When the queue time expires, the app sends a POST event to the Sheet with all the values it has queued -- values that aren't updated are left blank. If your Time To Queue is 1 minute (as you have it), then you're more likely to get single values. If your queue time was larger (15 minutes), then you'd have a few rows with two values.

This is how Chuck wrote the code.

When you are logging many temperatures, this makes lots of sense. Here's a part of my sheet for temps/humidity (you may notice you can format the first row and it keeps working):


Okay so if this is intended behaviour, then this is not the right app for what I need. Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

I'll go with a Rule Machine & Google Forms based approach.