Access IP Camera using RSTP URL

"The IP address to which the host(s) will be set. If no IP address is supplied the WAN address connecting to our system will be used. Clients behind NAT, for example, would not need to supply an IP address"
This is from the documentation. So I would guess it would work.

I read the documentation the same way that @frits did. However this method would force an update on a schedule whether it was needed or not. Too many unnecessary updates might be considered "abuse" and get you blocked. I don't know No-ip's policies but a lot of systems work this way.

I suppose you could get extra complicated and use another rule to get and store the wan IP address in a global variable but it would seem to be much simpler to do this through a driver.

Take a look at my Google DNS Updater...specifically the getIp() method. It stores the Wan ip as an attribute and only sends the update request if it has changed. The no-ip get request is eerily similar to Google's so most of the update method should work. It would just need to be tweaked to for No-ip's specifics.

Ryan780 I managed to have an arrangement similar to yours...I'm showing on my dashboard a snapshot from my camera every 2 or 3 seconds, now I would like to ask you (as you look experienced on these matters):

Is there any way to save the picture in a folder on another specific path on my lan?

The snapshot is a photo continuously updated by VLC so what I would like to achieve is to be able to make a copy of it to a different path when a motion event is triggered.

Can that be done on HE?

On HE? No. There is no file manager function within HE.

Any idea how to do this? I've got the camera setup in Synology, and all working, but I cant seem to figure out how to translate the stream.

ShinobiCE can stream a RTSP as a mjpeg stream and it does it really good. I use it.

I got it working with synology, to an extent. I have the mjpeg stream that I can paste into the browser and it loads, but when I paste it into the video player template, nothing happens.

Is there anything else to do? Other settings to change elsewhere?

The synology address (works in browser) is:


Are you local?
That is, can you paste that URL into a browser and it plays?
If so, then there is a problem with the way that you've set up the template in dashboard.
I use SharpTools, so I can't advise you how to use the built in Dashboard, but there are people here with that kind of expertise.
Please note: you do have to get a license for additional cameras in Surveillance Station....

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Local - Yes
Plays in browser - yes.
License - I only want 1 camera to show up from the Synology. I have a total of 4 cams that go to my NVR (which I got before the Synology, so dont use the Synology for that).

I'm using the HE dashboard.