Ability to text phone numbers is gone after update

Hi, I haven't updated the Hubitat hub for a long time and I did it for a reason because every time I was upgrading the hub it was breaking some functionality. So I did bite the bullet a week ago and updated to and now a few features are broken, the most important one was texting when the house was getting armed, disarmed or a window/door was open by accident when the house was armed away or armed home.

Where are the phone #ers to text now. I have reinstalled the Life360 connector but no luck. I was able to see a device named after my name and then my mobile device name as virtual device and it was of the "Mobile App Device" type. My wife's however was gone, so I thought let me delete them as well as the presence virtual devices for my wife and I and then after reinstalling the Life360 connector only the presence virtual devices were recreated but the Mobile App Device didn't.

What should I do, is texting still supported?

SMS was retired in platform update 2.1.5

There are a few alternatives. Some people use Twilio, for which there is an official driver. Others use PushBullet Pushover (thanks to @tomm1313 and @adamkempenich for correcting my error!) or the Hubitat mobile app for notifications.

I use @erktrek's Email notifications driver using sendmail to receive SMS notifications. Its free, there's no limitations on the number of texts received, and has worked extremely reliably for the last 3-4 months.


it was retired.

Pushover is free and the directions on this forum talk about settging it up. i set it up when i first got the hub and its been perfect since


The Hubitat app, Pushover, Slack, Echo Speaks... lots of other options, now.


Thank you guys, so technically no more SMS and just alerts form the actual Hubitat app if I go that route which means I can use the Hubitat app for presence instead of Life360, right?

That’s correct!


I would recommend that you use multiple methods of presence detection and combine them using @jwetzel1492's Combined Presence or @doug's Presence Governor.


I use twilio and it's very cheap. You can sign up and get a free $10 credit to test it out (Here is the referal code to get the $10: www.twilio.com/referral/nLmgQc). (And yes I get $10 also if you sign up). But I can tell you once set up its flawless. But be sure to disable incoming calls and text or you get dinged for them also. My car auto replies and was getting dinged each time. Now its blocked incoming and no more charges. :slight_smile:
FYI: Pay as you Go - Pricing is $1 per month and then $0.0075 per SMS. So I dropped $30 into my twilio balance, and that gets me 12 months of service & 2,400 SMS I can send. (Remember this is pay as you go so you get deducted from your balance $1 every month for the setup and the balance goes towards SMS that month and the it starts over the next month with the remaining balance.)

best thing to do is figure out how many messages you need to send a day (or month) and x12 + 12 and add deposit that into you balance and it would give you about 1 year of service.


Ug. I hope to never receive a txt. If I do it would be because someone broke in or made a mistake. 10 per week is gobs plenty. Alas I cannot make the simple sms work. I am new, could someone send me a screen shot of a working sms notification? Number blanked of course.

Native support for SMS no longer exists, as discussed in this thread. If you take a look at post #2 it links to the official documentation page on getting Twilio integrated, which would allow you to receive sms messages from your hub.

Do you need sms specifically? Or would push notifications from an app work for you as well?

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Mark, Thanks. I think SMS will work better. My wifes phone may or may not have the app. If I understand what Push notifications are :slight_smile:

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Yeap, she will need the Hubitat app to receive the notifications.

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Okay, sorry to bother you. If I used Pushover on a single device inside the house it could get around internet outages and week signal areas on devices outside the house. That one device would send sms to any phones I choose, with or without the app. Yes?

Pushover requires an always on internet connection. The Hub sends the push notification to the Pushover cloud, and then the message(s) are sent to your phone(s)/tablet(s).

could we use email?
Enter the phone number in the "To" field of your email. Be sure to enter the full 10-digit number, followed by the specific carrier gateway address. Here is a list of some of the most common carrier gateways:

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With pushover you don't have to have the app, but as @ogiewon states you will need your hubs internet connection to be always on.