A song for litter box tray

Hi clever people, just was wondering if it would be possible for a song to play when my litter robot tray is full. I have Sonos speakers and can make a virtual switch just not sure how I could play a song when switch is activated

Assuming you have the Sonos integration app installed, it should be child's play in RM to set up:

Trigger: VS goes ON
Action: Control Music Player > SONOS > Play track* > (song URI)

In this scenario, the song's MP3 file would either reside on a server or locally aboard the Hubitat. The threads I linked below explain how best to set that up. In this case, it's probably easiest just to upload the file using Hubitat > Settings > File Manager, then reference its URI in the format http://[hub_IP]/local/[trackname.mp3].

*Disclaimer: I've never actually done this, just assume that's the intended workflow.



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Thank you for quick reply, I don’t pay for the Sonos music but I do have the Sonos app and pay for Spotify. Will this still be possible
Thank you

Don't forget to consider the effect on your cat. If a sound begins when he uses the litter tray, and he experiences it as negative or concerning in any way, it might start to put him off using it. Consider building in a delay to the sound beginning.


I don't pay for either of those music services. Everything discussed herein concerns placing an MP3 file somewhere that your networked Sonos device can "see" it and play the audio from it. I'll leave it at that since the path from A to B has pretty much been laid out at this juncture. Good luck!

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How do I get a ulr from Spotify to play a certain song or playlist I can’t work it out

Can you play the song or list from a browser? If so maybe you can copy the url from the address bar there

Got this from YouTube will give it a go

Nothing is working but I have 3 hubs homebridge hubitat and home assistant I think I worked it out with a virtual switch in hubitat and a rule in home assistant

works perfectly thank you