A Disaster so Far - Still at a Hub with No Devices, Room, Apps

This is my first time attempting to use a z-wave hub, but I didn't think it would possibly go this bad. Installed 2 types of switches: UltraPro Dimmer 54897 & HomeSeer WX300. Set up my C-8 by following the Getting Start Documents to a T. Everything is running up to date as far as firmware, hub registered. I go to add device, narrow it down by brand, turn on inclusion via the browser, turn on device inclusion and then nothing ever happens. 20' multile brands, wifi is fine.

I'm getting rather over this. I can't follow these directions more closesly and yet getting shittier results.

To be clear, you have zero devices Included so far?

Browse to Settings: ZWave Details and paste a copy of that page here. (You're new, so you will probably have to include yourself in the Owners Group to be able to paste screenshots.)

Groups <-- click here then click Join (upper right)

I imagine you have a lot of "Ghosts" -- partially included devices.

Including over and over again, without success just creates ghosts and they eat up ZWave and then Inclusion works worse, if there is such a thing. :slight_smile:

Here's what a correct row of that ZWave Details page could look like:

There's numbers for RTT in the Stats column, Status has a check mark, there's a name in the Device column, and there's routes in the last column.


How are you powering the hub? Z-Wave inclusion is very unreliable if powered by a PoE splitter with unstable voltage.

More info is in this pinned post: ‼ READ FIRST - Before Posting in Get Help


It may be a good idea to run an exclusion on those devices first.
Just in case they have been paired with another hub.
Personally I always do this with z-wave devices.

Run exclude for the device.
Run include for the device.


Adding a Z-Wave device shouldn't be more difficult than the steps you highlighted. You really shouldn't have any problems adding a device. In some cases, even with a device out of the box, performing an exclusion first may be required. But that is the exception and not the rule. Having tried 2 different devices is more indicative of a larger issue. Where are you located? Are your devices running on the same frequency as the hub?