6 speed fan control via Bond Integration

@support_team just got to trying the Bond Integration since the recent update for 6 speed fans. The device recognizes that my fan has 6 speeds, but the set speed attribute still only has 5 speeds to choose from. I cannot select “very-low”. The increase and decrease speed buttons will allow me hit all 6 speeds. Is there a way to include all 6 speeds on the Set Speed attribute selection so I can control all 6 speeds from Rule Machine?

I am still using the unsupported Bond Integration which does not map the 4th speed on my fans. I don’t know how others who have 6 speed fans feel, but I only regularly use the 3 lowest speeds. My wife wishes it would go to the 4th speed instead of skipping to the 5th, but we rarely hit that issue and never use the 6th speed. So although it is a bit of hack, but if speed 1 mapped to Low instead of very-low and speed 6 mapped to Max or something that would solve my immediate problem as I would not be concerned that I cannot set the fan to Max (speed 6), but that might just be me, For me, not being able to set it to the lowest speed directly via a rule is a challenge.

An interim option that I would expect to work in RM would be to first set the speed to low, then run a custom action: “Decrease Speed”. I expect that that would bring the speed to very-low.

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Thanks, I suspect that should work also and I could probably check the current speed via a custom attribute. My household has also become quite spoiled by the the excellent Fan Thermostat created by @mbudnek and not sure there is an easy workaround for that.

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I think Bond is just controlling the built in fan controller. At least, that's how mine works. My fan controller only supports 3 speeds, so even if Bond can theoretically control other controllers with 6 speeds, on my system I still only have 3 functional speeds.

I played around earlier this morning with a few 6-speed fans, and can confirm that setting "low" and then "Decrease Speed" will access "very low".

This was on Minka-Aire Smart-by-Bond models. I did not test any fans communicating via the Bond Bridge.

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The Bond Hub emulates RF signals from the fan manufacturer’s supplied remote. It appears they have a sizable data base of known fans or you can train it with your own remote. I bought a house with 3 very nice Minka 6 speed fans which I have integrated to HE using the original community developed Bond Integration which is no longer maintained. I have been wanting to move to the official supported Bond Integration but there have issue with the support for 6 speeds.

The release notes for included:

Bond Integration:

  • Fixed supported fan speeds not updating for fan device.
  • Added custom increaseSpeed and decreaseSpeed commands.
  • Populate missing fanspeed names for 6 speed fans and above.
  • Fixed cycleSpeed command getting 'stuck' at certain speeds.
  • Fixed occasional issue of initial device state not populating fully.

I was hoping that 3rd bullet meant the Set Speed Attribute would now include all 6 speeds, but not does not appear to be the case. I am hoping something can be done so I can at least directly set the 3 or 4 slowest speeds on my fans.

setSpeed can be called via a custom command using any of the values in the supportedFanSpeeds attribute

Thanks I have confirmed that works also and mine fans our older Minka fans that I am controlling with a Bond Bridge. I am looking for a way to continue using them with the Fan Thermostat App I referenced above.

Thanks @mike.maxwell
So that suggests I should connect with @mbudnek about supporting that in his Fan Thermostat App/Driver? Is that correct?

Is there a plan to support 6 speeds in the pulldown on the attribute?

Right now there isnt a way to make that data dynamic.

Thanks for reply @mike.maxwell.

I understand that this is currently fixed to the 5 speed options which is sufficient for most fans. Would it be possible to consider updating the Bond Integration so it maps speed 1 to Low and add a 6th speed of Max instead of adding very-low for the lowest speed? Or I suppose even better would be enhancing the integration app to allow the user to control that mapping of speeds in some simple way?

Yesterday I disconnected the pull chain switch in my Ceiling fan and wired two Zooz Zen 52 double relays in place. Instant Z wave fan controller. Even adds extra speed options with this fan.

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