Bond Integration not picking up 6spd fan

I added a new fan to bond. It’s a 6 speed fan with discreet off, and speeds 1-6. It includes breeze button (for variable speeds) and reverse.

HE cannot locate the fan and throws a parsing error when trying to read the data from bond as well as numerous 404 errors.

I am not smart enough to troubleshoot, so hopefully this isn't patronizing ... What I expect next questions to include:
Which driver - native or community?
Show the state variables on the device page.
Does everything work as expected in the Bond app?

Native, as I posted in the built-in apps forum.
The state variables shouldn’t be an issue, since my other bond devices all work, and the errors started with the implementation of the new fan

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6 speed fans are supposed to work. Are you on current hub firmware?

And it would be helpful to see the "devices" state on the main device like this:

As well as the device list:


Other posts about 6 speed fans:

Per my linked post above, my 6 speed fan is working although admittedly the user interaction is better for 5 speeds and below. I would suggest reaching out to support since you got that java null pointer error and provide them the info suggested above by @jtp10181.

Totally missed that. At least I already admitted to not being smart enough :slightly_smiling_face:

Installed and integrated my 6th 6-speed fan in the past year, so can definitely confirm. But mine are from one manufacturer, so I don't have broad experience.

My outdoor fan finally appeared in HE. But the errors are still in my logs. Hopefully @Hubitat_Staff will see this and look into the errors.

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They are going to ask for the same details that two people have asked for up above.

For bond, I think not. There isn’t anything in the app’s state to report, but here it is:

Bond device

The exception in the log is the key.

Did not ask for app state, you posted the device states which if useful.
What does the device list look like?

Want to compare and see if something is missing or not matching up. Saw it happen with someone else not too long ago.

You also never said if you are running current hub firmware, or what firmware version?