500 Errors then a hard reset

Last night, I started to get 500 Errors from every screen in the Web UI and then I couldn't find anyway to reboot it besides power cycling. After doing that, it caused a full hard reset. Any idea what happened?

Likely a corrupt database. Log in to yourhubip:8081 , go to settings>>backup and restore and restore last good known backup.


My daily backup logs show that it was running and then it was version 137 around the same time as the hard reset

Strange. I'd try the restore though. Once everything is back up you can go ahead and re update. I'd also download a copy to your pc before the restore as well

that's exactly the steps I just did. I'm back and running with version 128 but now it's not telling me there any updates available. i'll just keep my backups around in case 137 does push to my device again and breaks it. is the latest. Not sure why it would say 137

Oh wait. It was My backup was pretty old.

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You're probably right about the corrupt db. i'm seeing a lot of this in the logs:

[dev:712]( 11:18:42.178 pm [error]( java.sql.SQLException: A problem occurred while trying to acquire a cached PreparedStatement in a background thread.

Yeah, downloading and restoring the db actually cleans it. Have you had a lot of power issues lately or unplugged the hub without shutting it down first?

Same 500 errors and logs happened to me, once on my C-7 and once on my C-4. Here's the thread from my experience.

Tagging @bobbyD from support who was able to assist me with getting back up and running

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It likely auto performed a Soft Reset upon detecting that the database was corrupted. It should automatically restore the last backup but sometimes it doesn’t, so it leaves an empty database on the hub. If you are greeted with the “Get Started” screen, first, don’t panic. Secondly go to backup and restore and restore one of the local backups. If you have a new backup that you recently saved, you can restore that file instead. No hubs auto perform a Full Reset under any circumstances.


I did get the "Get Started" screen and when I looked for local backups. I might have checked too quickly because I didn't see any. I found a 3 month backup file on my laptop and loaded that, but upon checking again, I saw the daily backups in there so I recovered from one of those. I'm back up and running.