4 Position Switch

I am looking for a way to have a 4 position switch. 4 options, only one can be true at a given time. I envision this as 4 discrete switches, where when you turn one on, the other three turn off. One of them must be on. Is there something native to handle this?

Not sure I understand your question do you mean you are looking for a physical device of this type? Also 4 discrete switches hold a lot more information than one 4 position switch (16 bits vs 4 bits) in fact 2 discrete switches is the same as one 4 position switch if you think of each position of the 4 position switch as having coordinates (0,0) for bottom left, (0,1) for bottom right, (1,0) for top left, and (1,1) for top right, it becomes clear that 4 positions is the same as two switches with on represented as a 1 and off represented as 0. Anyway not exactly sure what your question is. In virtual space the request of a 4 switches for which turning one on turns off the other 3 is very simply done in rule machine and by creating virtual devices, as is the physical setup with any button controller containing 4 buttons. but something that mechanically switches 3 other switches to the off position in physical space is not something I know about.

In the event that you're looking for a something like four virtual switches, only one of which can be "on" at a given time, you can use a rule as suggested above, but I also thought I'd point out this community app that can help with the same: Switch Changeover.

If you're looking for a physical switch, I have no idea. :slight_smile: However, the Sylvania/Lightify 4-button dimmer may be close. It's a button device, so there are no switches per se to be "on" (and it's wireless so does not directly control any loads). You could use it to easily get four (actually more because it reports hold and releases besides push) different button events depending on which corner you press in.

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Yeah....no such physical device exists. And any type of virtual device would have to be custom build as "switches" are defined as binary, on or off. The closest thing I can think of would be the fan speed capability but that has 7 possibilities not 4. (off, low, medium-low, medium, medium-high, high, and auto) And it can only be one of those 7 at a time. You would have to build a similar capability for the 4 options you want.

Thank you! Didn't realize this existed - meets exactly what I needed.

I should've been more clear, I was speaking of a virtual switch.

I have four physical switches that I want to link all together programmatically such that only one is on at a time. The activation of a switch in the lineup deactivates the other three. I realize this can be done through simple switches and logic using the Rules Machine, but was interested if there was already a pre-built scheme for this inside the Rule Machine.

This is precisely what I was looking for! Thanks for the lead.

Try this for size from @bptworld

One At A Time
App and Driver updates can be found at GitHub - bptworld/Hubitat: Apps for use with Hubitat Elevation

I use it in a group of 3 switches. Larger groups also do-able.


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