3326-L reset time

Could use some help here...

I can't seem to find the reset time for the 3326-L. Once motion is detected, how often does it detect motion?

I'm using them to turn on the pantry light, and turn off after 1 min of no motion.

The light turns on just fine with motion, however I can stay in the pantry moving around and a 1 min later the lights go off with motion never being detected after the initial trigger

Tried both Simple Lighting

and RM

Thanks in advance

Mine reset in about 20-30 seconds.

Cancel delayed actions needs to be before exit rule.

Excerpt from Rule 4 Documentation:
With Exit Rule the execution of actions for that rule stops, irrespective of where in the rule it is. Pending delays are not cancelled, and current repetitions are not stopped.

The simple lighting rule appears correct. Do you have more then one rule assigned to the lights? You can check this by looking at the light under devices and scrolling towards the bottom to the "In use by" field. If their are other rules assigned to these lights you may want to pause them and see if you then get the expected behavior from the simple lighting rule. If it functions as expected then you can look at your other rules to locate the issue.

Hey Brandon,

If either of the conditions are met then the rule doesn't exit so shouldn't the Cancel Delayed Action be the next in line to execute? At least that is how I see it. I'll move it and play with it

Only 1 Rule deals with this light so it's not getting stepped on :slight_smile:

I do see in live logging where the motion goes from active to inactive in about 8-10 seconds so that is very fast...

Here is an interesting log from Simple Lighting... anti-Turn On, don't recall seeing that before

The cancel delayed actions as it sit's currently is part of the first if then statement but due to it's placement below the exit rule will never be evaluated.

On your Else-If statement I would add a cancel delayed actions there as well as the first line before turning on the light.

Almost all of mine reset at exactly 30 seconds. However, I have 3 out of 15 that reset in 7-9 seconds. I have tried to factory reset them, changed the batteries, done everything I can think of to get them to work with the standard 30 second timeout but have been unable to get them to work correctly. So, if you are seeing the same, you might just have a bad sensor.

Have you tried updating the firmware on these via SmartThings? Just an idea if theyโ€™re running older FW.

I have not. I didn't know there were two version of the firmware. When I tried to update my Iris plugs, they never did update to the latest version. Where I currently have them set up, it actually works with a very short time-out. I'm using them as "beam" sensors in a couple places. But I might try that. Do you know what the latest firmware version is?

This was what I found a while back.

ST wonโ€™t update the outlets, but I think itโ€™ll update the motion sensors, and maybe the contact sensors.

Maybe I'll give that a shot then. Thanks.

So I just installed another in the kitchen today and the reset is 30-35 seconds, my closet sensors reset is 8-10

Sure wish we know what causes the difference

Very happy with them so far :slight_smile:

Is the Anti turn-on message I noted above from the SL normal?


I paired them to my SmartThings hub and updated the firmware on all of the ones I wanted the 30 sec. timeout on. I kept a few, that had the short timeout, on the old firmware for uses where that would work to my advantage.

As to the Anti- TurnOn in SL, that is normal.

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So it's FW version related, interesting...

Of the 10 I received from our friendly E-Bay seller, 3 so far are 8-10, 5 are 30-35

Any way to determine FW in HE as I no longer have ST?


Not that I know of... However, you already basically know the firmware versions of your 3326-L sensors, based on their reset periods. :wink:


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