220V 2 pole switch recommendations

Can anyone recommend a 220v two pole switch? I found the aeotec heavy duty one, but it's a little Overkill. I only need 15amp @ 220v and I need 3 of them. I'd rather not spend close to $300. For now I set it up with 2 sonoff basic zbr3 each one switching one leg, but it's not a very elegant solution.

Build your own? Would cost you about $10 a bulb, and $4.50 per relay, but it’s a little difficult to find relays that handle more than 12A at 220V, so you might consider staging it so the 110v relay closed by the LED driver would then supply 110v to a magnetic contactor. If you need it to turn off fast, then you would need to spend a bit more, but even including a project box to put each of them in, you could probably still build 3 of them for around $80

It’s probably one of the benefits of living where 230-240v is standard but I think you should look for a “contactor” such as This

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