2 speed 36" fan control advice request

Hung a fan in the shed today, difficult to reach the knob.
Speed 1 Slow: Start Up: 517-520 Watts Run: 400-410 Watts Speed 2 Fast: Start Up: 750-760 Watts Run: 450-460 Watts.
1/3 hp motor.
I would like to have use of both speeds, it is loud on low, 747 at roll over on high.
Florida heat, high is tolerable some days.
Thanks, Woodsy.

I wonder if the Zooz Zen17 might work for this? If I calculated properly, the max would be 10 amps?

I have a spare zen16, I would have to enclose it. Have another one in a plastic hobby box, has not proved to be the most dependable device. (20 feet from c4) It seems to have long term connectivity issues. It was purchased on the initial release of the zen16. They (16/17) would work fine, except for the addition of the power supply.
The initial installation of the zen16 was on a 12vdc circuit, and worked great for a decent amount of time, but has to be (open the project box) and "poked" to get it to work again. It is in a non critical application, and is just a PITA to use.
This fan must be reliable. WAF. I do not mind the wiring aspect, but it will be visible, and hanging in the open. I will be back to edit this in a moment...

A little more information.


Just ordered Zooz appliance switch. I will climb up if I need to chance speeds.
Seems the easy way out.

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I could not figure out how to trigger the fan.
WAF must be acceptable, at minimal.
She has got it down pat in how to turn on another section of the "home" using a keypad.
Humm, I have an unused keypad.
(And no Alexa in this area)

This is also posted with a memory of someone asking how to use a keypad to control devices.
Cannot wait till the Zooz zen shows up.
Wall Fan is an existing device tortured for a proof of concept.

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If your willing to do wiring you could use a 2 x sonoff zbmini and 2 x 120v contactors each wired to each speed.

One zbmini would control the 120v to one contactor which would control 120v to one speed.

Something like this.

The sonoffs can be controlled by a regular wall switch also, One single pole for on/off and a 3 way for speed.


Comes back to the problem of enclosures.

Something like this:



Good ideas, the shed is at the fringe of the mesh, both for zw and zb.
Good mesh build out, but pushing the envelope.
I may go down this road as I move the hub equipment closer.
Thanks for the research.

This one ticks several boxes, :wink:

  • UL-approved GFI receptacle accommodates a GFI outlet (not included) to help reduce the risk of shock
  • Spacious interior accommodates a large variety of timers (timer sold separately) and measures 10-3/4 in. W x 9-1/4 in. H x 3-1/4 in. D
  • ABS resin construction offers weather resistance and UV resistance
  • Keyed lock helps deter tampering
  • Pre-drilled mounting plate for easy installation

Love it, run the power in, screwed to side of fan, power out to fan!