2 pi’s, hue, lutron, Hubitat moca wifi, usb hub and a switch. Suggestions to organize?

That looks like a "Tuesday" for me... except with less clutter :rofl:

Might check out something like this:

Or just get a simple "entertainment center" and put everything there...


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I found wall mounts for each of those on thingverse and mounted everything on pegboard in a utility closet,

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Yeah @frmWink2Hubitat did not clarify where this was going so assumed from the pic that it was in a relatively nice area of the house.

It’s is my guest bedroom for now. I want to put it all in my basement but I’m paralyzed and this stuff needs resets and stuff to often for me to keep going to the basement

This may sound weird but maybe a bathroom cabinet fixture mounted on the wall or free standing... they are shallow enough not to get in the way.

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I certainly hope one of those black boxes is a UPS.

Nope, I just moved and lost mine. Trying to find an affordable replacement

Here's my solution.

Pictures aren't so great. Its a metal shelf with holes spaced around it. Wire ties to hold everything in place. Stand-offs for the battery backups. 2 Hubitats, 1 Pi, 1 Hue hub, 1 Lutron hub, 3 battery backups.

I made 3 of those battery back ups, won’t keep my pi alive but will Hubitat