Mode Changed at Midnight, woke us up! Mode set "by Update"

Updated to 4.128 on C-7, on 1/2/22. Went to bed, activated "night" mode in which my motion sensors in the master bedroom are no longer a means to activate lights.

At midnight, our lights came on. After checking log files, I found this:

This has never happened before and I have not made any changes to my automations for triggering modes in over a year.

My Modes - Day, Evening, Night
Triggers -

  • Day-Switch Turned off or TOD, whichever is first.
  • Evening-TOD
  • Night-When switch is turned on or 2:05am, whichever is first


Mode Manager:

Room Lighting:

I'm not sure what Mode set to Evening from Night by Update means, assuming it's due to the 4.128 update? I'm not concerned unless this happens again tonight, in which WAF will tick down a few points. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any information you can provide.

This appears to be part of what was fixed in .128, Here is the main thread on the topic

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Thanks for the thread @toy4rick. I didn't have this problem in .127, and after updating to .128 I rebooted well before I went to bed (as did you) So this doesn't seem to be resolved?

The fix, from what I saw related to mode changes due to a reboot, which, at least from the logs, this does not appear to be.

This might be something @bravenel and the team may need to look at.

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Actually the 128 notes do refer to update as well.....

And that was the comment @toy4rick linked... I should have read that first ..

Looks like a fix is coming. Thanks HE Dev team.


Updated to .129 - Thanks all.

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