2.2.8 Update - Time Variable Not Working

I updated to 2.2.8 and now my time variable tiles in the dashboard are not reporting the variable, but are showing the current time.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

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Can you share the device connector current states variable?

Variable Time tile shows current time, when device has no time included.

It's value is 7:03 PM.

I am also unable to enter a time value that takes effect. Any time value reverts to the current time.

This was working fine up to v2.2.7.

I was about to post this as I am seeing it as well. I just noticed I have two time variables in RM legacy that are globals and have been set as connectors. I have a dashboard setup so I can edit these, but they both are displaying the current time and not the value of the variable. I am still on, don't want to update until I get home tonight, but I don't see anything in the release notes about this in

Is this perhaps related to...

The following two screenshots were taken one showing the value of the Quitting Time variable in the global variable section and the value on the dashboard, which is incidentally the time of the screen shot.


Does the device connector show value on Current States?

An empty current state could lead to that on the dashboard.

No see below. Still shows current time in dashboard.

Same exact issue as @terminal3 here... but check out the "in use by". Something is super squirrelly.

So I decided to just go recreate all of our alarms under the new RM5.0 and hub variables system. It's a bit of a mess. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, because it sure feels that way.

I get an invalid date on the dashboard unless I set a date, but if I don't set the date carefully, DST seems to come into play?

Edit: It appears that I can't actually change the date from the dashboard if I set the tile to Variable Date.

FYI the variables and rules that use them seem to working fine, I just can't change the value on the dashboard.

OK, this is a different issue affecting the dashboard, we'll look into it.


+1 on the dashboard tiles showing the current time, not the time from the connector (to an RM Legacy time variable)

The connector device shows the right time.

Now my dashboard won't display a date time at all. I updated to last night. Thinking back I don't think I ever went and looked at the dashboard tile so I guess that broke it. I had decided I would just move the rule over to RM 5.0. I created a timedate hub variable and made it a connector. I then added it to my dashboard so I could see how it looked. I assume it was the firmware update and not the adding of a hub variable that broke the dashboard.

The hub variable only can be a datetime, and my current RM legacy rule uses a global time only variable so I was going to have to make some changes to my rule. It won't display the HUB or legacy global variable on the dashboard.

It creates a space that is being occupied by a tile but you can't edit or remove it from the dashboard, see below.

Try setting the tile to a variable string for now. That's what I'm doing as a temp fix till it's solved.

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It's not something I edit that often and otherwise the rule is working. So I will just give it a few days and see if they get it fixed. I can still edit via the hub variable page if I really need to.

I have two tiles one for Sunrise time and one for Sunset time . The cloud dashboard on the mobile app shows the current time, the local dashboard on the mobile app shows the correct information. I am still on Mobile App version 1.2.1 IOS. Might not be related but similar issues.

Can you try again for cloud dashboard?

My dashboards are working now.

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@moncho1138 everything is displaying much better, but when I attempt to edit a DateTime variable without a date, the inserted text still shows an error.


Also, the issue where DST seems to impact the interface on the hub is still present. See the Value in the table vs the editable value in the field below.