Unexpected behavior with global variables & dashboards after 2.2.8 update

I have two global variables:

I reset the two variables every morning at 4am as follows:

Then I display them in a dashboard as follows:

This worked fine under 2.2.7 but since the 2.2.8 update the dashboard tile simply displays the current time, not the variable time. And yes, it does increment.

Screen Shot 2021-07-18 at 9.59.13 AM

I suspect this may have something to do with global vs hub variables (perhaps I missed something in the documentation?) but not sure if it is expected behavior and I just need to switch to RM5 for this, or something else.

I am seeing the exact same thing.

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I'm having a similar issue with the DateTime Hub variable. I have a rule that stores the last four time stamps when a motion sensor was active. The rule was working fine before updating to 2.2.8. Now, whenever there is motion all four Hub variables are set to the current time. I deleted the Legacy rule and Global variables, recreated it in rule Rule-5.0 using Hub variables and rebooted, but it didn't fix the issue. The Rule is:

Select Trigger Events
Ecolink Motion active

Select Action to Run
Set Driveway Motion 4 to Driveway Motion 3
Set Driveway Motion 3 to Driveway Motion 2
Set Driveway Motion 2 to Driveway Motion 1
Set Driveway Motion 1 to currrent time

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So it would seem the issue has more to do with the variables themselves rather than the dashboard... sounds like a problem for @bobbyD and the Hubitat team unless we're all missing something similar.

Looking closer, all the issues I am seeing are local variable with connector type variable.
The variables are correct in the rules (legacy) but the dashboard displays the current time as of last refresh of the dashboard.

OK cool. I did notice my variables also show up in RM correctly. Maybe just a dashboard thing then.

We sort of goofed this up with the transition to DateTime in Hub Variables instead of "variable" used for time with Global Variables. We will figure out a fix for this.

One way out of it is to use a Hub Variable with Rule 5.0 instead of Global Variable with Rule-4.1. But, it does need to be fixed.

I just gave that a shot by deleting the global variables in RM Legacy and creating hub variables of datetime with a connector. But there is no corresponding datetime variable type in Dashboard, and if I choose type time or type date I get an invalid date (or time).

There are both Variable Time and Variable Date tiles. One displays/sets the time of a DateTime variable, and the other displays/sets the date.

Right but in the screen shot above it shows the variable time template yet the tile shows invalid date. This is after I deleted the global variable and created a hub variable.