2.2.7 Zigbee OTA updates

Zigbee updates are handled by the hub after the given file has been published by Hubitat.
Its not possible for a user to use a local file for this.
What is the device and where did you get the update from?

manufacturer: LEDVANCE
model: BR30 RGBW

There a way to get a file published?

@mike.maxwell can publish it for HE updates if he confirms the FW file is legit.

I really really wish you guys would reconsider this. You allow it for zwave. Why not allow it for zigbee also?

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It's in the design. @mike.maxwell has stated this in the past as well as said it's not possible here...

I’m wondering if “not possible” is the most accurate terminology. I’m pretty sure it could be made possible if they were willing. He also stated that the update process downloads the file to the local hub and the update happens locally. So AFIK it’s a choice, to prevent us from using our own local file versus something that is “not possible”

It makes more sense to verify and make the fille availability to all users.

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I need the specific file for your device.
Also please post the data section of the driver details.

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It apparently doesn’t make more sense for zwave since we (the owners of the devices) provide local files for those updates. Why not zigbee?

Verified files can still be hosted on the Hubitat cloud. That shouldn’t preclude the option for a user-supplied local file if desired by the device owner


Thanks for your thoughts on this.
But the zigbee update process isn't going to change any time soon.

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Sorry not 100% sure what you mean

Here is the file

Please click the update firmware button in the driver then refresh the page then post a screen shot of the data section of the driver (the very bottom) it should show the bulbs current firmware version.

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  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 01
  • firmwareMT: 1189-001B-00102201
  • manufacturer: LEDVANCE
  • model: BR30 RGBW
  • softwareBuild: 00102201
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Im at ces right now but ill try getting this uploaded tonight.


Pics or it didn't happen


That's interesting, because I have those same bulbs and I thought I used my C-7 to update the firmware to that version you are asking for:

  • manufacturer: LEDVANCE
  • model: BR30 RGBW
  • softwareBuild: 00102428

Did you try the Update Firmware button on the device page?

I just checked, that image was already available.
What was displayed in the live logs when you clicked the updateFirmware command?

Ah, I was looking in past logs not live. Here is what appears.

Firmware for , LEDVANCE 1189-001B-00102428 is up to date. I'll try a 2nd one. @jlv side note, but have you had any issues with these retaining colours when being turned on and off? I have them one a schedule for night time and seems they loose their setting once in a while or go dim etc.

Looks like it updated...might just have taken a really long time.

Just did another and it upgraded fine. Thanks for the help!