2.2.7 Generic ZWave Plus Devices

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I see a list is out for 2.2.7 of new drivers. Question, should I change the drivers to the ones with "plus" in the description if it indeed is a ZWave Plus device? For example, my ZWave outlets currently use Generic ZWave outlet, so should I now change to Generic Zwave plus outlet?

If you are happy with the driver you are using, there is no reason to change

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I'm playing around with it now on my GE ZW+ outlets... So far, the couple I've done aren't reflecting state updates with the Plus driver. The on/off commands actually work, but the state either doesn't update or hangs on "Sending" and then goes back to showing original state (even though the command did actually go to the device & changed it).

Trying a reboot now to see if somethings shakes loose.

ETA: no change after restart. Commands actually work lickety-split with the Plus driver (as hoped!), but the correspionding on/off statuses don't update accordingly in the UI. I'll go back to the non-plus drivers for now.

ETA: I did do the Save/Configure/Refresh dance after changing drivers - I know that's a reasonable question to ask about, so I should've mentioned that earlier

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Ok, thanks!! Wasn't sure if the new drivers were tied into the update somehow for making better routing decisions.

No.. This is done at the hub<->SDK level and not related to drivers..

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@bcopeland I changed all my GE dimmers, switches and outlets to the plus drivers and all three types are not updating status. I moved about 100 devices over. Should have tested before I moved all of them, so I'm hoping for an update or fix so I don't have to move them all back to the old drivers I was using.

After every one, I did a save, configure and refresh.

dev:8822021-05-04 18:06:00.435 infoDimmer Family Room Lights was turned off
dev:8822021-05-04 18:06:00.419 infoDimmer Family Room Lights was set to 0
dev:8822021-05-04 18:06:00.416 debugparse:zw device: D3, command: 2603, payload: 00 , isMulticast: false
dev:8822021-05-04 18:06:00.271 debugrefresh()
dev:8822021-05-04 18:05:54.628 debugoff()
dev:8822021-05-04 18:05:51.118 infoDimmer Family Room Lights was turned on
dev:8822021-05-04 18:05:51.115 infoDimmer Family Room Lights was set to 99
dev:8822021-05-04 18:05:51.107 debugparse:zw device: D3, command: 2603, payload: 63 , isMulticast: false
dev:8822021-05-04 18:05:50.954 debugrefresh()
dev:8822021-05-04 18:05:37.653 debugon()

Why would you change drivers on a 100 devices without testing 1st???!!!!

:sob: :sob: :sob:

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I was messing with the hub remotely. Had the time while waiting at the airport so I just decided to make use of it and do them all before my automation started this evening... Got home and realized they were not working... There's two hours I'll never get back... I know, dumb.

But now I don't want to switch back if there is a fix... :crazy_face:

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@JasonJoel I'm going back to using your driver for my switches and dimmers... Any chance you might write one for outlets?

I certainly could, but typically outlet drivers are about the simplest thing to make. If the in-box ones aren't working there must be something really wacky going on with the device. If you get a change PM me the model number or a link to it, maybe I'll pick one up.

I just tried the "Generic Z-Wave Plus Contact Sensor" driver on 3 of my Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor Gen 5's and they don't work at all. I've now reverted to the non-Plus versions.

I only tried it with one dimmer; thank the lord. I could not get it to work properly (update status on the driver page) when I switched back to the previous driver either. Then, later in the day, it must have started spamming the hub and everything went unresponsive, which I posted here. I disabled the dimmer for now, and will try excluding it, yada yada, before replacing it with a Zigbee dimmer.

So, what exactly are these new drivers intended for?


I wonder should we email support and ask the question? Would be nice to know, especially for newcomers who think these should be the ones to use with a Zwave + device and then find out their device doesn't work.

I figured they would have been fixed several releases ago. The admin were tagged in various posts. Unless, like you hint, maybe they are for something else and we are using them wrong. Anyway, I went back toJasonJoel's community drivers which work great.

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