Basic Rules Wait Until even more broken

The fix to wait until seems to have made things worse.

If you click the Wait Until button it's impossible to enter a trigger because the drop down box disappears before you can click anything in it, and the rule adds a Wait Until null step.

There is no way to actually enter what it is you want to wait until.

Android device, Firefox default browser (proper Firefox not the new unusable Firefox).

Happens from browser directly as well as when invoked through mobile app.


Just checked with Chrome. Also does the same thing.

Seems to work for me? At least on a new rule - I didn't have any existing with Wait Until. :man_shrugging:

Maybe try clearing your browser cache, or using an incognito window?

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Fixed my problem by deleting the rule and trying again, but deleting the rule displays a server error and advises me to look at the logs with a link that doesn't go to the logs.

The logs have no entries relating to the server error.

The rule is, however, deleted and can be recreated with the wait.

Browser cache and incognito had no effect on problem. Looks like once it got borked the first time it was stuck in the wait until null state and only deleting the rule could fix it. Cancelling the wait until just left the problem lurking.

It's not at all clear how you got into this condition. Not able to reproduce it. Do you know what steps you took? I don't have an easy way to check Android...

This was the rule that I reported the wait until mode bug about for the .130 version. I had left it as the first half of a two rule solution until the mode fix. It's possibly that the original bug left a rule that looked ok and worked ok, but had something invisible left over from trying to add the wait.

But I can't be certain, I may well have deleted the rule and started again. It's the only thing I can think of.

Could you comment on this further, but in lounge. I fed up with Chrome lack of any semblance of privacy.

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