2.2.4 - Simple Automation Rule V1.1

Simple Automation Rule Refreshed

There is a new version of Simple Automation Rule, Version 1.1, released in platform version 2.2.4. The UI has been refreshed, a new action supported, new triggers added, improved time triggers and options, and other enhancements made.

Please note: Your existing Simple Automation Rules will still work and can still be edited as needed. New rules will be Simple Automation Rule 1.1. We've moved to a new version due to some subtle changes that could affect some existing Simple Automation Rules.

New Action

Can now turn on and set color temperature, as well as level for color temperature bulbs.

New Triggers

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Sound
  • Mode transition

Improved Time Trigger

It is now possible to trigger at any time and then turn back off (or whichever is opposite) at some other time. In each case the time may be a specified time of day, or sunrise/sunset with optional offset. So it is now possible to turn on at sunset and off at 11:00 PM.

More opposite action after time options

Most triggers, except measurement sensors, now allow the opposite action (e.g. off after on) to happen after some time, as well as after the sensor changes state.

More consistent opposite action choices

For the triggers below, it is possible to take the opposite action when the trigger changes state. When multiple devices are selected, there is an assumption about whether any or all of the selected devices will trigger the rule or opposite action. In the list below "on" means the triggered action, and "off" means the opposite action.

  • Motion sensors: on with any motion active , off when all motion inactive
  • Contact sensors: on with any contact open, off when all contacts closed
  • Acceleration sensors: on with any sensor active, off when all sensors inactive
  • Locks: on with any lock unlocked, off when all locks locked
  • Presence sensors: on when any arrives, off when all leave
  • Switches: on when any turns on, off when all turn off

Measurement sensor opposite actions

For measurement sensors (temperature, humidity, illuminance) there are now choices to take the opposite action when a different threshold is crossed. For example, turn on when temperature is less than 32°, and then turn off when temperature is greater than 40.

New Mode Transition trigger

In response to user request, a new trigger was added that fires when mode makes a specific transition, for example, from Away to Evening. This is different than a trigger that fires when mode becomes Evening, as it will only fire in the case of mode changing from Away to Evening.