2.2.4 Release - Congrats to the HE team!

I'm on a C-3 and it seems fine so far

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Yeah my C4 seems to be okay as well. Am getting a little UI lag but nothing crazy.

Bryan, I’m confused. I seem to recall a post by you (I’m sure I could find it if I looked hard enough) back when the C-7 was first introduced and people were complaining about the (then not completely functional) S0, S2 pairing process options, in which you stated that the SI Labs Z-Wave stack for the 700 chip forced Hubitat to have exactly the process and limited security pairing options that the C-7 uses.

If that’s the case, how, then, can the 700 chip, running in a Z-Wave USB stick on a different (PC) platform, provide different security pairing options? That’s why I bought both the SI Labs SLUSB001A and an Aeotec 500 Series USB stick (that didn’t support S2).

Because they are not bound by the same requirements for controllers.. It doesn’t use the same SDK that hubs are required to use. It still uses the same serialapi based control that the C5 and below used.


Also isn't there an issue (meaning it doesn't work) with security passing through to the primary controller from the secondary? Or is that just the S2 stuff?

:point_up_2: Secondary inclusion controllers can include non-secure and S0 but they have to pass S2 to the primary for completion. And this is a path we had not designed for, and wasn't a requirement for certification.


Okay cool - yeah no reason to do that for the general consumer.

.3 update is spot on for me! The nodemcu random firing is not an issue compaired to the pulled release. Cheers guys. Awesome product. =)

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And is OUT! Looks like some nice updates.


I think there have been more public releases post beta than there were beta releases now. :wink:


LOL...that may be right. Lots of activity.

This release looks like a nice Thanksgiving present to me. :smiley:

We'll see. Just installed it on 5 hubs.

WOAH! You are diving right in. I also just installed on my one hub. So I guess I'm as crazy as you, since that is my entire HE setup updated. :smiley:

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Eh, it is pretty low risk. I backed them up 1st (just in case), and know how to roll back if needed.



Would love to hear a little more about these two updates, just for general interest. Kind of like a really short PBS documentary on them. :wink:

Bug Fixes

  • C7: Multiple issues were fixed for Z-Wave Repair.
  • C7: Enhancements were made to outbound Z-Wave queues to better handle groups and slow devices.

I've just noticed that disable device button, or have I been asleep for months?

Disable device button where?

Click on the X on the right on Devices and the Disable buttons appear...been there for a while AFAIK.

Yes, that has been there for a long time.


Yes that’s been there from the beginning.