2.2.4 Dashboard Links No Longer Work

Just updated to 2.2.4 and found that I now have to update all my dashboard links to other dashboard pages.
When I change it to 'Link' we now have to go to the apps page for the dashboard and copy and paste in the url.
It does automatically put in the app number but this does not work as all the url needs to be copied in.
Am I doing something wrong or should this auto populate with all of the url.
This is going to be a pain having to go through all my dashboards if this is how it is supposed to work.
Didn't see anything in the release notes about this BTW.

Unless this is what is referring to this issue.



ya thats a pain i have probably over 50 dashboard links.. are they really no longer supported. i will not update if that is the case.

nothing in the release notes about dashboard link no longer being supported?

dashbaord links are needed so the same dashboard works in cloud vs local mode.. the link implementation does NOT!!!!

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Dashboard Link Tiles cause a security loophole under the new security updates. Link tiles can be used with the direct link to either or both cloud and local dashboard, but they will not be auto-populated.

I think I have the conversion figured out... kind of a pain, but ok.

Question: how do I make use of per-user dashboard links in this context? I have a main panel that everyone should have access to. Links to some dashboards would be best on a per-user basis, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to make this happen. How is the per-user access designed to be used? I have a feeling it's not what I think it is.

in my experience that was not the case you have to put the full link in which is either the cloud or local.. unless something has changed.. that is why i changed everything to dashboard links.. this is a big deal! between two sites i have over 100 dashboards.

and dashboard link should not be a problem if you are behind a firwall on a local ip i readlly dont see the risk.. stupid

guess i am not updating my systems for awhile.

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You can always downgrade, so get a good backup, give it a try, report the issue with real vs extrapolation of words. If it's still the deal breaker, rewind and wait for resolution. (I know YOU know all this, but there's always skim reader that will panic :smiley: )

I do agree though that it's not a "better" situation vs what was there. Absolute links vs relative links -- I'll always side on the relative end.

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What other features have been removed?

Don't you think something like this warrants description in the release notes etc, Also description of how to convert your dashboard links to regular links that will work transparantly in both cloud and local cases (if it is even possible)?


Converted all my dashboard links tiles to link tiles... I only have ~20 dashboards, so maybe 30-ish tiles in total needed updating. Now... what's the deal with the per-user dashboard permissions? How do I integrate this into my dashboard setup so each family member gets only the appropriate subset of dashboards?

The Dashboard doc has been updated. Explains how the new features work.



Thanks! I'd already read the new doc, and I still don't see how we're supposed to use the new user access system to create a password-free and user-specific ecosystem of dashboards. Perhaps we're not... In fact, it seems to me that the user access links aren't all that useful if we're using the HE app (I have the android version). The user names created for individual dashboard access can't be linked to the HE login accounts I created for different family members. Everyone sees every dashboard available as soon as they open the app.

I see nothing in that document about using the link to have it work for both cloud and local.. and nothing about how to replace the missing dashboard link functionality.. the only new stuff i see if regarding the security per user..

As far as i am seeing now the only option seems to be to have to use cloud links for everything if you dont want to maintain two versions of your dashboards?

This seems like a major oversight to me.

My recommendation would be to add the dashboard link functionality back maybe with an option to check saying you understand the security risk. Do you guys even realize how many peoples dashboards you are breaking in one stroke .


i dont like that i cant navigate between dashboards anymore...
i dont see how the HARD coded links will work over time
and it has access tokens encoded in the url... that doesnt make sense


OK, so I go to each dashboard link settings and change the type from "dashboard link" to "link", add the URL and name and it works. But....
The tile still says "dashboards" at the bottom. If I create a new link tile it has nothing at the bottom. What's going on?
It's bad enough editing every link tile, but that seems to be not enough, I have to delete the dashboard link and create a new link tile?

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I have a tablet on my wall near my back door. It displays various dashboards by using dashboard links. I counted all the "Dashboard Link" tiles on the various dashboards for my tablet and there was 20 of them. After 2.2.4, none of them worked. It took about 20 minutes to change them all to "Link" tile, where I just put in the local link to the dashboard. Don't know if there was a quicker or faster way. Is this just how it is now?

how do I put a tile on a dashboard that links to another dashboard?

I think you should be able to put a "relative" link in, which will work for both local and cloud.

ex. ../../41/dashboard/41?access_token=uuid

I agree though, it's frustrating being forced to update all of my dashboard links. Haven't yet played with the per-user dashboards feature, but I don't see how hardcoding links with tokens embedded is any better, security-wise, than the previous dashboard link tile?

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Uh, wait a second (I started to read the page code, but it's late and I'm tired, so I didn't). First glance looks like it is the token doing what I think it is, but I'd rather ask.

So with the new 'link' method using the "Local LAN Link", I couldn't get to my dashboards from my mobile phone when I was off my local network. Ok, fine, I went back in and started to make all the links "cloud links". But... Is the token creation somehow referencing the localization link (the 192.168.1.x) without a call to the cloud (cloud.hubitat.com/api/xxxxx)?

Basically, I'm reading this new 'link' method to say that if I want to be able to get to my dashboards from my mobile when I'm away from the house, then I need to use the Cloud Link, OK fine. But I want to be sure that when I am on Local LAN (PC or Mobile on WiFi) that I'm still 100% local and not cloud reliant (my internet sucks, I live on a ranch waaaaayyyyy out in the sticks).

@bobbyD, are you saying that if we already started to switch our Dashboard Links over to the new 'Links' the tile won't be available to us? It's the comma in the middle of the sentence that has me wondering... "Engineers are working on making the tile available again, for existing dashboard links."

If you didn't remove the dashboard link, it will continue to work as expected. However, if you removed the tile already, you will have the option to create a new dashboard link tile or stick with the new link tile method.

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